Enemy Agents

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Canary42 | 22:22 Sat 02nd Jan 2021 | News
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We are at war with Covid-19. Enemy Agents in wartime are shot. That should give this load of covidiots something to think about.


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Ah, people have a different opinion to you so you think they should be shot. That is the sort of thing the Nazis and Soviets did, and it didn’t end well for them.
They are conspiracy theorists, they don’t believe the Government’s narative. They are 100% wrong, but hardlt a good reason for killing them.
sunk you softie
that is why the country is in the mess it is in

no wall
and far too few concentration camps
Anybody who thinks Covid is a hoax is a total idiot, but anybody who wants to murder the hoaxers, as you do Canary, is sub-human; a piece of detritus.
it isn't just a matter of a difference of opinion, though: there's a modest chance that these idiots will kill me, by spreading the virus even further
I'd settle for water cannons full of purple dye which would stay on the skin for at least 6 weeks. No access to any NHS for any of them during the six weeks and no access to any benefits if they lose their jobs for three months. They might just stay indoors then.
Sadly, they couldn't stay home then - they'd have been kicked out.
I know Mamy. Just wishful thinking. There is no answer to selfishness.
Sadly not.
Seems that the thing most affected thing, after the lungs, is the sense of proportion.
Aye, shoot them along with those enemy agents that tried to thwart the democratic vote of the people to leave the EU.
Shoot the SNP supporters as they're trying to break up the Union.
Actually, best shoot all the Scots in case they lie about about whether they support the SNP or not.

There must be others we can shoot.

Of course...Agent Cob

And Piers, don't forget Piers, I know some folk can't.
Yes, Morgan must be shot also.
People are entitled to a different point of view, this is still (just) a free country is it not, but protesting outside a hospital is just not on. I wonder which one of the protestors thought this one up, silly twonk !
there are no water cannons now, for the last time, they were scrapped years ago.
as to shooting them, ridiculous statement from anyone
Got to love Shirl! Tell it as it is, girl! :o)
some brain dead moron undoubtedly, thought that it would be a good idea to protest outside the hospital.
going on the pictures, they were all ages, so not just young idiots with no thoughts to others safety.

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Enemy Agents

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