Diego Maradona Rip

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LadyCG | 16:40 Wed 25th Nov 2020 | News
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Suffered fatal cardiac arrest.


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Well said Spare Ed
Glad you got re-instated LadyCG(refer to my original OP)

Many thanks Spare Ed!
The hand of god at work again :-)

Mr God might have a word in your ear.
From the other thread

What is a wold famous cheat. ? There must be numerous incidences recorded. Maybe Roy could give us some the vast evidence ?____________________
Don't know about 'wold' but a world-famous cheat is a cheat known the world over.

I'm surprised you didn't know that tbh.

Yes, there are numerous incidents recorded. (quite why you have asked this is beyond me)

Maradonna...the most famous cheating incident in football.
Henry....another great player ruining his reputation by blatant cheating (if you know your football or if you're Irish.)
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Question Author
Oh, thanks Ed.

So has Argentina declared a state of mourning? I haven't had chance to look at news or anything today.
3 days while his body lies in state Lcg
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Well whatever we've thought of him over the years, to them he's a hero.
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One of the best players ever, wonderfully gifted.
Yes he had a few character flaws but who wants to be a goody-goody anyway?
People will be watching goal number 2 Argentina vs England 1986 in 50 years time, but they wont be watching Harry Kane's 6 feet tap ins.
Maradona was paid to win football matches for Argentina etc. He wasn't paid to be a nice person.
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Question Author
Is someone trying to derail this thread?

Perhaps if we stay on-topic.

Just a thought...
With his alleged life style he was lucky to live as long as he did . A hero for Argentina .
Sure he was notorious for “that” goal - and a lot more besides.
But it would be a shame if the wonderful talent was ignored.

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Diego Maradona Rip

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