Breaking: Maradonna Dead At 60

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ChillDoubt | 16:41 Wed 25th Nov 2020 | News
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No link, just flashed on BBC


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One of the world's greatest players & one of the greatest cheats.

Still, RIP Diego.
That is the most awful thing I have ever seen onAnswerbank.
RIP Diego.
That's sad... he was very young. And, with a Google, seemed to have a lot of difficulties in his life. RIP.
A flawed and tormented soul.

Phew I read that as Madonna...:0/
Dead men can't fight back. There's no sense in resurrecting arguments and criticism. If people can't be tasteful in his death they should show at least the respect needed to say nothing.
have we seen the effect of the Hand of God again?

am I allowed to say that ? - St Peter I have it on good authority said as Maradona passed: o come on you can't put it under your arm....

and the argentine netters team coach - the best player we never had
That is the most awful thing I have ever seen on Answerbank.
RIP Diego.
A flawed and tormented soul.

oh come on - TTT doesnt mean it really ! ter daah again !

[note I have stopped crediting people with their own posts as they seem to get so upset when I do.]
I posted a thread on this too but it looks like mine has been closed for some unfathomable reason.
Not that unfathomable, there were three threads started in quick succession, only one needs to be open to allow people to comment, and this one happened to have more posts in.
I posted first Jim, therefore it is unfathomable.

Biased moderation again.
Nonsense, you're being paranoid. And, in any case, why should it matter? I'd have thought it's more important to pay respects to the dead footballer than care about who paid respects first.
I can still remember as a 15 year old screaming at the screen and wondering (and I still wonder to this day) how it was possible that three officials didn't see the blatant cheating, when the rest of the world did, and probably the other 21 players on the field did.

That said, my ire has always been aimed at Shilton rather than Maradona - how a five foot nothing man can out jump a six foot bloke with his arm at full stretch defies belief.

In the same game he produced one of the greatest goals of all time.

He was a brilliant player, but as the clip of the Hand of God will be inevitably shown on the news later, for many his career is defined by this one moment.
no this is covid mania muh laydy
oh is it parket watch out or I will blow your head off !

PP says: how are you by the way ( thatis if you are the one with covid)
All depends which one had the most answers really LCG.

Was Maradona a cheat for the "Hand of God"? Yes, but let's be fair, if Lineker had done the same at the other end, we wouldn't have cared!

I can't pass comment on this except to say R.I.P but what I wanted to say was, there seems to be a lot of footballers dying recently.
There are Barsel, but mpst of the recent ones had lived a long life, Maradona was no age.

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