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Is It Time For Boris Johnson To Resign?

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dave50 | 08:41 Fri 13th Nov 2020 | News
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I voted for him in the election along with millions of others in the North of England, seeing as someone who seemed to understand and be on the same wavelength as us Northern working class folk. However during this crisis it seems he has always playing catch up, never leading and in thrall to his scientific advisers who seems to be setting policy at the moment. Now all the backstabbing going on in no. 10 and his girlfriend now seems to be running the show by the backdoor. I have no confidence he won't make a pigs ear out of distributing the vaccine. I think the new year would be a good time to go along with matt Hancock. Rishi sunak should take over.


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Those up north who believed that an Eton and Oxford educated PM would be on the same wavelength as them were deluded at best - and completely bonkers to boot.
why would a PM who has just hammered the opposition with an 80 seat majority resign? This is the stupidest question of the year.
He has always been an inept bumbling buffoon with a dangerous hunger for a power he is incapable of controlling or understanding, in my opinion. He has no idea of anyone’s reality and lacks morals.
no, why should he.
totally agree with TTT. He had a large majority, united the country and then got the worst possible starts with something that no one could predict.
stop it with all the Northern whining BS, there's been a crisis For effs sake. The government cannot possibly do what it wanted to or planned to. Why can't you see that? No other government would have done any better or any different. "We trusted Boris yada yada yada" - yes but he's not had a chance because of all the fire fighting, derrr!
agree ^^
Emmie - he "united the country"????? That is precisely what he has failed to do.
diddly are you aware of the COVID-19 crises or is Oxford immune?
he is having to battle with covid 19, take advice from the scientific community, hold on to a pizzy parliament and all done in the last n months. I wouldn't blame him if he throws in the towel next year.
not to mention Brexit which he has commanded alongside the likes of Farage. I have respect for him. he shouldn't resign or go now, we are in the middle of too many crises and who on earth would do any better.

agree about the whiny tone of the post.
It isn’t time for him to go yet.
See how he gets on with a better team around him
A weak leader might resign, a strong one holds things together and carries on achieving the aims set them.

There is no obvious successor IMO. Whilst the government is making a pig's ear of letting the virus run it's course, nasty rumours, and unjustifiable talks/extensions aside, it seems to be holding up on trade talks so far. That would be put at risk if others took over and we could find some ridiculous so-called "compromise" is signed that ruins all we've achieved so far. So best Boris stays at the helm until the present issues are in the past.

He would, however, be wise to find strong replacements for any who decide to run off; and if true, also stop being as henpecked as the media report is presently the case.
Rishi sunak should take over.

Nobody is going to get a situation like this entirely correct, this is a once in a lifetime event - hopefully, and I think that all the people asking for his resignation benefit from 20/20 hindsight and a previously demonstrated rabid dislike for the PM no matter what he does.You only have to look at most other countries to see its not going to be easy to get through this time.
ToraToraTors said ‘No other government would have done any better or any different’

You are deeply deluded in believing our government has a clue as to what it is doing.
Who knows what any other government would do, they can criticise all they like and I bet they are delighted they are not having to deal with this COVID crisis. Look at France, a nightmare. No, he should not go, I do not know anyone who is impressed with Sir Keir Starmer, not keen on any of them. No, he should not go, be patient, once we get the inoculations rolling out, next summer might see a great improvement.
OK hymie, what would Labour have done?
Not yet.

He will when his disastrous Brexit vehicle really hits people where it hurts and they begin to realise.

He’ll say job done *some Latin crap* and then eff off into the sunset with his £millions.

You could offer some leniency on Covid, but he has always been useless at management and continues to be demonstrably so. On a daily basis.
what effin millions, do you know something we don't.
whatever happens we are out of the EU, and thank god that is the case, time to put this country first.

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Is It Time For Boris Johnson To Resign?

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