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What Lenin actually said was: Кто не работает, тот не ест.
He would.
Just a bit of forrin for PP's benefit - foo dat den?
Ooooo Jackdaw! You are clever! And you have a keyboard just like Peter Pedant's .... what types all that forrin and all that. :o)
Actually I use this; available in many other languages.

pſ ʎpuɐɥ s,ʇɐɥʇ
Shhhhh .... no one is supposed to know that!! You're supposed to pretend it's all you're own work! Derrrr ... you really haven't got the hang of this forrin thing have you Jackdaw. ;o)
Slightly off topic, but where is the evidence that mask wearing by the general public prevents or even slows the rates of Covid19 infection? Couple that with the fact that different types of masks have different micron mesh sizes – most of which allow the virus to pass unhindered – and you have a mask wearing policy that essentially achieves nothing whatsoever.

Now I link the following video with a caveat: I have no idea whether this guy is an actual medical doctor. But whether he is or he isn't is completely irrelevant. What is relevant is the obviously demonstrated dispersal of 'vape smoke' that goes straight through most masks. Vape smoke measures around 2.5 microns in diameter. The Covid19 virus is about 20 times smaller, measuring only about 0.125 microns. Therefore, masks of all types do not and cannot protect either the wearer nor those around them from the gases expelled by human beings and they certainly don't block the Covid19 virus from either entering nor existing the mask:

Well, Birdie it depends on where you look and what you want to believe. I wear a mask. I would rather you did if you were anywhere near me.
This explains why the size of the actual virus particle is irrelevant and why masks do actually work.

So why do doctors etc wear them birdie. Your wrong am afraid. Mask's dont iliminate the risk but the help reduce the spread so there worth it. Off course some mask's are better than others. Wear one to help others. End of.
Good post birdie.
One assumes that those involved in getting such the system in, will have also considered that, in this difficult economic climate, such bullying tactics to try to force conformation to the unreasonable attacks of personal liberty by government, will be noted by their victims, resulting in permanent or near permanent loss of custom from the victims forevermore.

More and more see see those with power trying to turn society into a totalitarian state where the individual is utterly unimportant and must be controlled.
...we see...
Jackie - eastern forrin !
Me poor auld Dad in the east ( english french german dutch africans ) was settling down and learning Rooshan 1945
The POWs were cripping themselves they would be "liberated" by the Russians and like the huns in The Pianist would spend 10 y in gulags

but I didnt - but anyway - and the more correct translation is - - -

// The Covid19 virus is about 20 times smaller, measuring only about 0.125 microns. Therefore, masks of all types do not and cannot protect either//
should get best answer and fridge magnet
for spirit of enquiry 10/10

The wet particle of gob will have many viruses and bacteria in hem - and they may or may not go into the airway and get absorbed

but as we know from summer where 500 000 went to Durdle Door and Bournemoth and not one got covid - that sunlight and drying must be a factor

drying is much more efficient outside than in
so that is why the scientist suggest meeting outside
Behaviiour almost certainly changes as well
foo yeah got it ! - Rooshan my dears is an indo european language

Кто не работает, тот не ест.

kto ne rabotaet tot ne est - - -
rabotaet - robotnik is worker - robot is one of the few czech imports into English.
Eat -est- esthio ( gk) - yum-yum (Latin) - phago ( gk again)

Кто ..... тот ..... - - - he who....... - then he a guess

[I was gonna take the F O language exams, they have / had a paper on mathematical linguistics]

Note - when Naomi lightly chortles I have a gk key board
when I write- - ; “ὦ τάλαινα ! ( miser puella !) - it isnt me . I am quoting Euripedes or catullus - the classicists amongst us do know that innit?

have fun boys and girls
//Wear one to help others. End of.//

Not quite end of.

Apart from the arguable benefit to others of wearing a mask (and it is very arguable as has been pointed out) the risk of self-contamination by people untrained in the use of PPE is considerable. Everybody (well, almost everybody except Woofgang who seems to have it under control) fannies about with their face coverings. After You have touched the various door handles (which you have told us are full of various unmentionable contaminants) and tins of baked beans in Tesco's, you then go on the adjust, remove or replace your mask. The risk to you in doing that (small as it is) is far greater than the benefit that might be afforded to others by you wearing one. So it's only "end of" if you don't think it through.
It may be "End Of" for the Covidphobics and Covidworshippers bobbinwales, but for those of us who are a bit more robust, it is far from "End Of".

Yes, of course, every death is a tragedy (but whisper it, people die every day!), but as it stands Covid accounts for just 3.2% of deaths in British hospitals. I have no doubt somebody will, yawningly, say I'd feel different if it was somebody close to me. Probably very true, but I'd feel the same about cancer as well, and we haven't cured that yet either.

The death rate is low. It just is. In the week ending April 17, 8,758 recorded deaths mentioned Covid as a possible factor in deaths, whereas for the first week in October, the comparable figure was 321.

(Figures courtesy of one of today's papers).
Some interesting posts and videos,thanks all.
PP, //Note - when Naomi lightly chortles I have a gk key board
when I write- - ; “ὦ τάλαινα ! ( miser puella !) - it isnt me . //

We know it's not you. It's google.

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