Are Police Officers Really Paying £1,000 For A Cannabis Plant?

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Hymie | 20:22 Sat 17th Oct 2020 | News
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£1000 per plant seems to be standard valuation figure:

Scroll down to 'How is a cannabis cultivation scene assessed?' here for information about the methodology employed by the police in assessing the value of cannabis finds:
I think the figures refer to the potential street value of the drug, not the actual value.
No, they're not. Read the story!
Well I'm pretty sure there is a grow in the farm up the road. They are getting ready to ship out tonight. I called the police twice last night and nada.
From the link it seems that the old Bill can pretty much claim whatever they like as a potential yield.

Makes for good headlines and that of course is what matters in these odd days.
must be an expensive hobby, so iv read with all the uv lights 24-7
let alone the room, let alone the stink of it, passed a few mmm takers
of it, jeez..and thats outside, thye should get into brewing there own ale...and what a fine hobby it is, you know who you are who have.
Well this lot have got some massive fans going, windows are all blacked out but with our night scope you can see this place glow. Every few weeks there is an absolute stench if it. I'm convinced of it but nothing else I can do.
Have you bypassed the local woodentops and gone to crimestoppers?
Often, with drugs info, results are slow to arrive whilst an operation is mounted.
I've done that too, Shoota.
I know of a few people who use it to relieve serious pain, and a whole lot of people who simply like it.
Problems with it I know, but I'd rather a stoner than a drunk.
In my opinion.
theland, but I'd rather a stoner than a drunk In my ot of smokers long term become indifferent and inward..paranoid
some cannot cope with social moments, prefer the living
and what an expensive little hobby that takes over your life irrational decision making, with the focus of, as long as it does not effect my buzz.
//must be an expensive hobby, so iv read with all the uv lights 24-7//

LED's are now used, less heat and much cheaper. I use one in my 'cannabis' tent to bring on my seeds early. Works a treat.
youngmafbog, so your a pot
ok question is..does anyone have a problem with cannabis/pot smokers
im relating to the older abers...prefer your beer wine cognac whiskey etc..
a thou is a standard valuation

the flowering heads are called skunk ( I thought there were whole high resin plants called skunk ) and worth more. but skunk drives you crazier - no I am not talking from experience

growing cycle is 3-4m
Fender - its not a dichotomy, both with own problems.
Lesser of two evils?
One maybe fun?
I didn't know the Police paid you for it, thought they took what they wanted and incinerated the rest ;-)
I don't actually care too much who does what in their own home. I am bothered about a grow nearby tho. Apart from the obvious, there is the human slavery element (the sole Vietnamese chap who doesn't like to be seen), the risk of enforcers (rival gangs), the fire risk (all thatched cottages) and the damage they will have done to a listed building.

Altho a friend did say if it does go up in smoke I should just stand in the garden and inhale deeply!!
it should ease those lockdown stresses, Barmaid.

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Are Police Officers Really Paying £1,000 For A Cannabis Plant?

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