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Bazile | 13:06 Sun 20th Sep 2020 | News
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How do they work ?

Can a house hold of 3 people ( 2 adults , 1 child ) form a bubble with another household of 3 adults ?

Both households are family members .
First household - Mother / father / Daughter

Second household -

Other daughter of parents of first household , her husband and child


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Check the link Bazile, looks like I was mistaken.
A bubble is where a single person is allowed to nominate a household as their bubble, I have one with my friend and her husband as I am on my own.

I think not.

One of the households making up the bubble must be either a single adult living alone or a single parent living with children under 18 (or, to be precise, who were under 18 on 12th June 2020). Neither of the households in Bazile's scenario meets the criteria.

Once again it is not surprising that these regulations cause confusion. It is an example of how the government has tried to impose rules which keep people away from one another whilst providing exceptions when somebody shouts "but what about......?" loud enough.
NJ, I corrected my original answer at 13.17.
Having read the link that Mamya has put on, it seems you can only form one bubble? I didn't know that. At the moment, as a person living on their own, I am in a bubble with 2 of my daughters and their children. Have I now to decide which of the daughters I wish to be in a bubble with?
In the Uk, yes.
^^^Sophie’s choice!

Bubbles, rule of six and so on - it’s all nonsense.

NJ has provided a number of examples where the rule of six is stupid, but I can provide an actual example; yesterday afternoon I met some friends in a pub, some of whom went on to meet other people, and yesterday night, to celebrate a friend’s 50th, my wife and I and two other couples went out for dinner, so excluding my wife (I’m pretty sure I’m allowed to discount her as one of the six) I spent time with 10
different people yesterday.

Call the cops!
Thanks woofgang. So in Wales you can have 3 extended family bubbles but here you can't!! What a load of cobblers.I can't choose between 2 daughters and 2 sets of grandchildren, I will just plead ignorance.
Desk diary, I don't know this for sure, but it's possible the rules may be different if you are meeting in a pub , going out for dinner etc.
How about Two single adults who live separately a in a bubble with a third person who lives in a three adult home.

It gets complicated when lots of single people bubble together.

Not least because one of the single people is in his 70s and his family visit him often.
Well these are the eleven plus questions of the future folks :-)
cassa in the uk they can't bubble together. Its not complicated. A bubble in the UK consists of a) one household of any size PLUS b) one person who lives alone OR a) one household of any size PLUS b) one parent/full time carer with their children under the age of 18. If there are any children over the age of 18 in b) then they can't bubble.
Who's forever blowing bubbles? It's a load of bubbles isn't it? And who can grasp a bubble? Can you? I don't think anyone understands this load of bubbles.
ichkeria I would fail miserably.
clarion how much easier do you want it?
//Desk diary, I don't know this for sure, but it's possible the rules may be different if you are meeting in a pub , going out for dinner etc.//

No they are not.

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