Corona Virus Bubbles

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Bazile | 13:06 Sun 20th Sep 2020 | News
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How do they work ?

Can a house hold of 3 people ( 2 adults , 1 child ) form a bubble with another household of 3 adults ?

Both households are family members .
First household - Mother / father / Daughter

Second household -

Other daughter of parents of first household , her husband and child


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woofgang, I don't want it. At all. None of it is necessary. I've said it often enough and I'll keep on saying it.
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So you can go with your bubble to a pub

In this pub there might be umteen other people who are not bubbling
yup and they are supposed to observe social distancing.
//Who's forever blowing bubbles?//
Was it Michael Jackson?
^^LOL at Nailit! ^^ Trust you Nailit!
Sorry Clarion, old gag, couldnt resist!
Wolfgang, that’s what I thought.

But people interpret things how they want to. Which is the mask issue all over again. If your not going to do it properly, don’t do it at all.
yes they do cassa, but the UK bubble guidance hasn't changed since it was announced. My feeling is that if you are going to ignore the rules then do it and take the consequences but don't whine that "its all so confusin'" or "we didn't understand" if you genuinely don't understand and know which course of action to take then take the one where you see less people, take more precautions, stay further away from them and so on.
Has Covid got a tape measure now?
Does it know how fare apart we are?
Has it got a watch?, does it know how long weve been together as well?
Where are these figures coming from?
Thin air?
Amazes me that people seem to be trying to find a way round the rules - I would have thought most sensible people would go for the option that sees them mix with as few other people as possible, even if they are family. Its not a game that should be played trying to outwit the rulemakers, its being done for our protection. Just because you can, doesn't mean you should.
^^^oh dear.

Somebody doesn’t posses the ability to see through the nonsense. Any neighbour of lankeela had better watch out.
lankeela I agree and said pretty much the same earlier up the thread.

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Corona Virus Bubbles

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