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From the link:-
//The latest massive changes will come in January to deal with the end of freedom of movement.//
There has been a problem with the Home Office for decades IMHO.

They seem to be a law unto themselves.
//The latest massive changes will come in January to deal with the end of freedom of movement.//

Because, of course, they've only had four and a half years to prepare for that. Nowhere near long enough.

The government (and not necessarily just this one) will continue to stumble from one crisis to another whilst it is run by a group of people who have had very little experience of anything outside politics. Couple this with the quality of the people appointed to run major projects, agencies and departments (e.g. "Lady" Dido Harding) and you can easily see why failure is almost a given. Baroness Harding is currently engaged in an exercise to apportion blame elsewhere for her catastrophic failure whilst in charge of the country's "Test and Trace" system. She needs to do this before sailing off to take charge of the embryo agency which has been set up to replace the failed "Public Health England" (I have it on good authority that only the names have been changed to protect the guilty).

So long as the country operates on this "chumocracy" basis, where the same few dozen untalented people simply bumble around from job to job (with the appropriate "severance" payments in between and increased salaries upon arrival, natch) then the country as a whole will similarly stumble.
Hate to say it buy I agree with you NJ.
It does happen sometimes, Danny. Enjoy it, don't hate it! :-)
But i was saying this before the 2019 elections,judge.We are at present being governed by a bunch of wastrel chancers.There once used to be a government of all the we have a government of all the most useless tw*ts that ever entered the HoP.(*use either i or a)
The best that can be said about it is that it is not Corbyn and his terrorist friends running the country.
//There once used to be a government of all the talents...//

Did there? I missed it. I must have been washing me 'air that night.

As I said in my earlier reply, I am not restricting my accusations of ineptitude and failure to this particular administration.
I think there was one about 1783,judge.This present government would make even Heliogabalus cringe.
//This present government would make even Heliogabalus cringe.//

You should adopt my philosophy: I don't particularly want the government to do anything for me, with the possible exception of defending the realm. I'd far rather they just left me to my own devices. Governments (of all persuasions) are notoriously inept at just about anything they get involved in. That's generally because only people who are not much good at anything else get involved with them. People with genuine talents usually find themselves something more useful to do. Anything the government does do for me (providing a health service, building roads, teaching children) I expect to be a shambles, disorganised, inefficient and far more expensive than it should be. That way I'm seldom disappointed and (very) occasionally pleasantly surprised. I've haven't enjoyed one of those pleasant surprises for probably thirty years or more.
You’re so right, NJ.
" Yet Another Shambles - How Many More? "

Well bearing in mind we will likely have this government until May 2024 and based on the 2020 year to date average, a conservative estimate would be ...... 487
thatcher broke the unions and kicked the argies out of the falklands
oh and before anyone says the milk snatcher.. get over it, parents cannot afford a pint of milk plz.
-- answer removed --
Boris won’t last much longer. He wanted to be PM, he's done that, uselessly. It’s turned out to be much harder work than he thought it would be. IMO.
As ive said a million times before,clover,Churchill,Attlee and Thatcher must be turning in their graves at this bunch of misfits running the country.For Gods sake,am i(yes iam) paying thousands of pounds a year in tax to keep these idiots waddling about and faffing about.Sturgeon and Salmond versus Bojo and Spunky...some option for us Scots,eh...
Thanks,moderator.Where were you yesterday?
Danny 11.00, Dream on.
New Judge 13.40 , Spot on
Cloverjo 16.04, Sooner He goes , the sooner Cummings goes. two for the price of one.
16.19 ,Sorry it was my day off yesterday

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Yet Another Shambles - How Many More?

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