Why Not 3 Thirds?

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ToraToraTora | 07:37 Wed 16th Sep 2020 | News
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It's a step in the right direction but why have a sentencing system if they never serve it?


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Couldn't agree more TTT - spot on.
A sentence should be what is served, 20 years should be exactly that. Good behaviour should maybe result in some reward within the system as part of rehab.
There should be a realistic minimum for a crime. If that crime currently has a wide range of severity then the crime should be split, each with minimum sentence the Judge can give. IMHO the difference between min and max should be no more than 10%.

There should be no time off for good behaviour, rather time added.
"There should be no time off for good behaviour, rather time added."

Time added for good behaviour?
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not like TCL to deliberately misunderstand something, is it!
The prospect of an earlier release for good behaviour helps maintain discipline and good order in prisons.
If prisoners had to serve all their sentence there would need to be a big increase in staff numbers. That costs money.
There is always one TTT, and its usually him.
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The question of "good behaviour" is tricky.

Prior to this half-sentence nonsense (about 1995, I think) prisoners were eligible for release when they had served two thirds of their sentence "subject to good behaviour". The judgement of good behaviour was with the prison governor who could order "loss of remission" for bad behaviour. This was ruled unlawful as it was (perversely in my view) ruled that the loss of remission was an additional sentence. The prison governor was (rightly in my view)not deemed to be a "properly convened tribunal" and could not order the (perversely termed) "additional sentence.

If "good behaviour" is to be a requirement for early release a system of tribunal will have to be devised to consider those cases where the standards for good behaviour were allegedly not met. And we all know what a pig's ear the government, aided and abetted by M'Learned Friends, will make of that.
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the removed post was highlighting this case:
No idea why it was removed.

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Why Not 3 Thirds?

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