Track & Trace Rewarding Failure 2

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Gromit | 10:12 Sat 22nd Aug 2020 | News
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// Outsourcing firms miss 46% of Covid contacts in England's worst-hit areas

In Bradford, 42% of exposed people were reached, with 3,691 of those potentially infected not traced.

The two private firms were paid an initial £192m for the first three months of the programme, with the value of the contract reaching £730m over 12 months. Their contracts had been due to expire on Sunday but have been extended by the government. //

Their contracts should have been cancelled and the £730 million spent locally on tracing by people who know the area.


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not sure that whoever replaces the current incumbents will do any better. the scheme relies too heavily on the population being sheeple and after 6 months of that, you can understand a growing resistance to compliance. if the government really wants it to work, it needs to be robustly regulated, and backed by legal force.
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Serco were fined £68.5 million after it fraudulently billed the tax payer for tagging prisoners who were unfortunately dead.
Despite that embarrassing mishap, they have continued to be award £billions worth of contracts by the Conservatives.
Serco were kindly a sponsor at the last Conservative Party conference.
you forgot your other anti british BS post:
The system was never going to work properly. Not when you rely on people co-operating (and you have no choice there) and remembering accurately or even knowing their contacts.
It was just common sense.
Agree with Ich. Trusting the BRitish public to basically ‘shop’ themselves was a non starter
Basically also there are far too many cases to rely on a manual system.

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Track & Trace Rewarding Failure 2

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