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Taylor isn't short of publicity either, a nice donation - good luck for the future Vitoria.
Would you rather she hadn’t given her the money?
why do people think there's an ulterior motive when celebs make donations?
A nice gesture, a happy student.
I thought it was a really nice gesture, it’s probably not a lot of money to Taylor swift but it’s life changing for Vitoria. Let’s celebrate good news instead of looking for ulterior motives
To be fair to Hans, he was only asking a question.

There's every chance he thinks it a wonderful piece of news.
To be fair to Hans, we were only answering his question .
We are, it's great to have good news posted for a change.
I doubt Taylor went to the press.
What a mean-spirited post by Hans - even if you dress it up as a 'question', it's an obvious slur.

Both Ms Swift and the recipient of her gift have achieved a great deal in their lives - that one chooses to share a little of her fortune with the other is worthy of praise, not mealy-mouthed scorn.
Strange, I don’t see it as a slur.
Rather an ill conceived post.
Well said, s-d. Good luck to Vitoria & well-played, Ms Swift.
Question Author
sunny-dave...Please expand on your your posting.

dannyk13....Please explain exactly what you mean.


Hans//Please explain exactly what you mean//

Question Author
dannyk13.....Is that the best answer you are able to give to my personal question to you. ?

Hans, may I ask you - do you think Taylor donated to Vitoria simply to gain publicity or from the goodness of her heart?
The whole tenor of your post (including the title) is that :

"Ms Swift has made a donation of a pittance (to her) in order to achieve some cheap publicity"

I think that's a slur on her good name and intentions, which does you no credit in the making of it.

Dressing it up as a 'question' is a transparent attempt to be able to avoid any subsequent criticism of your intentions - which attempt fails miserably in my view (and that of others).
A useful request for clarification from mamya - although I think it is scarcely needed.
I was trying to give the OP the benefit of the doubt - inept wording perhaps?

I think that premise is slipping away now.

Ms Taylor will have suffered many slings and arrows on social media over the years, I doubt another will get to her.

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