What Can Be Done About Twitface?

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ToraToraTora | 09:47 Wed 05th Aug 2020 | News
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I think the Home sec has done the right thing in condemning this awful abuse and supporting Mr Lammy but surely this cesspit needs a rocket up it's April.


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ck1 - // So antisemitism/racism is OK unless the comments reach a certain number of people? // The So Rule - in all its glory!!
12:26 Wed 05th Aug 2020
Well it's either a total free for all ie anyone can voice any opinion they like no matter who they upset or there is censorship. If that's the case who decides what is allowed and what isn't?
in all honesty TTT it makes me laugh that you don't see AB as the same sort or forum - people spouting their opinions and abuse, and it not getting immediately removed. I don't understand what is so morally superior to people posting their thoughts here, rather than Facebook or twitter. It's just those platforms have more users, and therefore more numpties
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have a day off Bednobs, AB is nothing like twitface et al, it's a small site with anonymous users posting questions and answers under specific headings. Not remotely comparable to Twitfacetigram etc. It barely qualifies as "social media" in my opinion and none of us have millions of followers spreading and worshipping what little bile that does emerge, eg this guy
If you think AB compares then you have a serious scale issue.
So antisemitism/racism is OK unless the comments reach a certain number of people?
you are right it's not on the same scale, but it's exactly the same idea on a small scale. Users are anonymous (if they want to be), they can spout loads of drivel/their opinions for other people to read, can cause offence, can be rude, racist and so on. Or like the majority of users on twitter and facebook they can be perfectly nice human beings, considerate and not deliberately provocative.
It's just a matter of size.
none of us have millions of followers (on here) but for example yesterday you wrote "I'm back, did you miss me" like you were expecting people to have followed that you weren't here. So you DO have followers (or at least expect to)
I honestly can't see any difference to Twitter/Facebook
Or wants to have follows!

You get so aggressive, TTT. Just because you don't like something you think the rest of the world should think the same. Just look at the success of these forums, you seem to be in the minority.
I certainly don't condone what was said to David Lammy but he himself is a well known racist.

He's likely incited a lot of hateful rhetoric - but again I'm not condoning those remarks, I condemn them.
AB is a lot more moderated than Twitter.

Even Amazon is in trouble for allowing a seller to describe a pair of shoes as n***** brown.

The only problem with the Internet is the idiots that are allowed onto it. Maybe we should all be licensed, and have our license removed if we misbehave ... like an AB suspension, but for the whole Internet.
10.07 For goodness sake AB is nothing like Twitter. As for being able to 'abuse' or 'spout forth' opinions on here without them being deleted immediately, what a joke! You can't say boo to a goose (well depending on who you are rather than the content) without some moderator boinging in like Zebedee to get their 'answer deleted' fix. Lol!

TTT no one is forced to use Twitter nor even try to access it. Whatever content is put on Twitter it is purely voluntary to use this form of social media. Twitter users tend to use the 'abuse' they get to hawk notoriety or sympathy.
You can be abused on Twitter without being on Twitter yourself ...
AB never used to be moderated. Some of the abuse was shocking. It was much busier though.
//You can be abused on Twitter without being on Twitter yourself ...//

For all I know I could be abused on Twitter but as I've never accessed this form of Social Media I'm none the wiser!

In the 'Olden Days' we used to say 'Sticks and stones may hurt my bones but calling will not hurt me'. There are far too may 'outraged' people about these days -they need to get a grip.
//AB never used to be moderated. Some of the abuse was shocking.//

Seroiusly -what do you call 'shocking? you don't seem like someone who is easily shocked to be honest. I go on totally unmoderated sights and have never ever been shocked -you get abuse you give it back -if you are shocked by a forum then don't go on!
What about being on the receiving end of threats?
It was shocking. Makes you realise that some people are really sick and twisted. Being shocked by what someone has said doesn't mean it bothered me.
//What about being on the receiving end of threats?//

What? Threats from an anonymous user who does not know me? If the person making the threats knows any personal details that would make it easy to go through with the threats then its my fault for being too open on a Forum.

Someone says on a forum " I'm gonna come and kill/rape/ burn your house down" I say " Bring it on ************ "
Sounds like Twitter would suit you ...
So would I say that but I'm not in the public eye.

People don't realise how much info they give out.
erm this is like
what can be done about BLM
or what can be done about Beirut

er nothing as far as I can see

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