Channel 4 News - The Tasering Of Desmond Ziggy Mombeyarara In Manchester

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DTCwordfan | 20:38 Fri 31st Jul 2020 | News
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All sorts of issues being raised here about the validity/justification of this and in front of his child.

C4 News this evening.

However, one thing that really concerns me is the police firing tasers in the Zone 1 area of a petrol station......surely, given the electricity voltage/amperage involved, this ain't exactly a safe thing to do.....

Here's a reference to it -


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Speeding, resisting arrest, drunk driving, refusing a roadside test.

'Shrugs and walks on'
Sticking with the physics of the situation (rather than delving into any other issues that might be involved), a current only flows once both electrodes have landed in the same person's body. It's a closed circuit, with no risk of arcing, so there shouldn't be any great risk in using a taser in a filling station.

Every time you drive into a filling station you're introducing a closed electrical circuit, producing some very high currents, (under the bonnet of your car) onto the premises. When, after fuelling, you turn the ignition key to restart the engine, you're adding another one into the scenario.
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Yes but discharging a taser at 50k volts and 3.6mA in what we in the oil industry define as the safety zone one area is somewhat dangerous to say the phones are controversial enough but this is of another magnitude or two or three times in terms of risk.....Nuts and irresponsible by the Manchester polis.....
Can folk not be arrested without the use of flying wired cattle prods being used on them ? Time was when coppers were more capable than that.
It is obviously very dangerous to use a taser in a petrol station, and strictly against police guidelines on taser use.
The Officers involved should be sent for retraining, and given a good bollocking.
// Tasers, like other electric devices, have been found to ignite flammable materials. For this reason Tasers come with express instructions not to use them where flammable liquids or fumes may be present, such as filling stations and methamphetamine labs. //
// mobile phones are controversial enough //

the controversy with mobile phones at petrol stations is what's claimed is actually a myth.

90% of the public if stopped by the police would obey their instructions, 'please turn your engine off, step out of the car, what is your name and address', etc etc. If you have nothing to hide then you have nothing to fear, I find it all very simple really.
If you act like an Yabbie you can expect to be dealt with differently!
'A22. The PSDB has shown in trials that the Taser may cause combustion of flammable solvents on the subject’s clothing. This may result in serious burns to the torso and head; the Guidance to Users must highlight and control the risk from flammable liquids such as petrol on the subject'

From the video the person with the red head covering may have been recording and if not could give witness testimony. Maybe the police had body cams.
What has "in front of a child" got to do with it other than playing on emotions? Should the cops allow a murderous assault to continue "in front of a child"?
What i would like to know is what was this guys employment status?What was his career,trade or job?Same with George Floyd in USA,what did he work at?
// what was this guys employment status? //

employed. he worked at Manchester Royal Infirmary.

his family were in the news in 2016 when his partner died of an adverse reaction to painkillers. the death was exacerbated by the North-west Ambulance Service, who accused her of fakery.
Are truncheons obsolete?
and Floyd out in America.What was his career?
//Are truncheons obsolete?//
My God (pun intended) I agree with Theland. A truncheon to the lower leg would have been just as affective. No need to suffer electricitcy.
Stun guns have caused death.
//What i would like to know is what was this guys employment status?What was his career,trade or job?Same with George Floyd in USA,what did he work at?//

What the hell has someones employment status got to to with it?
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// and Floyd out in America. What was his career? //

set aside his criminal wrongdoings and still his work-life was varied. he was variously a car customiser, rapper, DJ, charity worker, truck driver and security operative. security was his last job, which he lost in March because his employing company succumbed after the coronavirus lockdown.
Best quote(s) ever.

Put 'em up, put 'em uuuuuup! Which one of you first? I'll fight ya both together if you want.

I'll fight ya with one paw tied behind my back! I'll fight ya standin' on one foot! I'll fight ya with my eyes closed!

Pulling an axe on me, hey? Sneakin' up on me, hey? Why!

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Channel 4 News - The Tasering Of Desmond Ziggy Mombeyarara In Manchester

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