Defunding The Police

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Deskdiary | 15:28 Sun 21st Jun 2020 | News
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What does that actually mean?

To me it suggests withdrawing money, but given BLM want to abolish the police, why use a mealymouthed word such as ‘defunding’.

Have BLM suggested an alternative to the police, or is their ultimate aim lawlessness?


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// As to policing, the slogan might have been better-expressed as "reallocate...…." //

actually no Jim. the following posted to their Twitter feed yesterday. they are most definitely not "reformists".

I agree that no prisons should be privately run. They are organs of the state and should be run by officers of the state, not jumped-up, ill-trained security guards.
Hmm. Well that I disagree with, mushroom.
''Hmm. Well that I disagree with, mushroom.''

Jim, are you seriously telling me this is news to you?
BLM is a wider organisation and message than BLMUK. In a sense it's not even an organisation at all, or at least there's no overarching structure beyond a desire for justice. Yes, I missed some of the aspects of one specific "chapter" of it.
I think you had better do some more research.
There's always more research to do, of course. But I'm satisfied that the underlying causes of BLM are worth supporting even if their more extreme wings may not be.
oh' dear.
What's a trained Marxist?

I can't find an answer anywhere.
I'm sure it must be lovely to be in a position where you have no more research at all to conduct.
Trained Marxists...what else do you need to know about an organisation to be anti that organisation?

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Defunding The Police

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