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That is excellent news.
Good news, hope he continues to improve.
Come on, Boris!!!
Good news.
Very good news.
looks like 237SJ's crystal ball needs an overhaul!
^ It's like me - furloughed!
I have never known in all my years such an outpouring of goodwill to a politician. He really is special.
Love you Boris - come on, we need you x
I couldn't believe that the first thing I thought of when I woke up this morning was I wonder how the PM is.
So did I, lb... for the first time ever....
^ Me too! Jackdaw is right, he really quite special.
Good news indeed.
......... exactly Pix. Might not be the last though depending on how he progresses.
rich or poor, he is us, all of us, politics aside..going to be a father as well...for the hard core would not this for yourself or a loved nice.
Great news that he is stable, very encouraging.
Good to hear.

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Boris Stable And N Good Spirits

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