Coronavirus And Exercising

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Deskdiary | 18:59 Sat 28th Mar 2020 | News
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I went on my usual Saturday morning dog walk this morning, which is about 6 miles, five of which is on a circuitous route through a large wood.

Normally I pass about a dozen or so other people through the woods, whereas today it was teeming with people.

So, when there's no restrictions the place is virtually empty, with restrictions there were absolutely loads of people.

Any idea why this would be so?


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i have been out for more walks since the lockdown has been on - perhaps everyone else has too?
shops are closed, people off work, kids off school. Everyone has the same idea about going to the park to avoid people and bingo they all go to the same place.
Yes. People feel the need to get out more (some going 'stir crazy' in the house) and many have more time to do it.
I've noticed a lot more walkers (especially families with teens texting while walking) and joggers
And the weather has been pretty good too. I've put sun cream on for a few days this week - not often I do that for March
Whilst walking our mutt I've seen loads of dogs that I've never seen before. They must be getting a lot more walks than usual
no woods round here, but the streets are emptier than usual, mainly I suppose because most of the shops are shut. Or maybe everyone's just gone up your way?
i work on my old cars...keeps me busy..i do like a
ff, I will be intereste to see how all this newfound activity pans out if the weatehr takes a turn for the worse. I stood in the sun for 10 minutes outside Sainsbury's yesterday; I don't want to be doing it for 10 minutes in the rain.
jno, could be worse..snowing gales etc...foldable garden chair.
I know, fender - tough on southern hemisphere countries that are heading into winter rather than summer.
Deskdiary, this comes under the "people are strange" law. There's a car park near me that for years has been free and it was never full. Six months ago it was changed to pay and since then it's always full.

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Coronavirus And Exercising

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