'Narcissist' Corbyn Boasts ' Pandemi Shows I Was Right

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lindapalmara | 14:40 Sat 28th Mar 2020 | News
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He said he was right on public spending. Can you believe it?


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turning into a bitter old man isn't he?
Soon destined for oblivion, where he belongs
He's been very sick for a long time
can I have er a bit of an argument in between please?

Corbo says - "we are all gonna DDDIIIEEE ! next week. Build more Hospitals!"
and he was right !
we have not all died and we have not built more Hospitals .....
Wonder if he and I have something in common?
He will never get it will he. The leftie maniacs cannot accept that these measures have been taken because we are in a crisis, and to ensure that it doesn't become a disaster. Whilst their plans to implement slash and burn policies would have CAUSED a crisis and then a disaster.
Corbyns manifesto echoed the prominent economist professor Steve Keene, who called for a PQE, People's Quantitative Easing, to pump money into the economy through direct investment in infrastructure and directly into people's bank accounts, by passing the banks, who squandered QE in 2008 and subsequently, and simply bought up assets making the rich, richer.
Never let a crisis go to waste. It's the lefty way.
// Wonder if he and I have something in common?//
"young thrusting and successful - guilty as charged!"

( sozzie - retread from 'The Office;)
// Never let a crisis go to waste. It's the lefty way.//

me n spicey must be telepaths - I wont say Hi spicey ! because you will already know I have wished it

same phrase came up the am - - - series 3 episode 2 of the OZARKS
( there is a gang war in the Sarf - and Wendy (you know .... wendy!) says to Helen ( the one who is water boarded in ep 1) says "it is a mafia phrase" )

mafia - marxist - it is just a matter of a few letters
o God - Theland as a theologian
is he any better as an economist? Thealie has suggested quantitative easing - -

//and subsequently, and simply bought up assets making the rich, richer.//

so it didnt work last time
sand o lets do it again !
I refer you to the answers I gave here:
Right or wrong recent events have given to lie to cosine by some that there’s no magic money tree.
Oh yes there is and we won’t forget that in a hurry ...
Next thing we will hear from Corbyn ,that ,had he been P.M. he would of provided the NHS with a ICU bed and ventilator for every person in the UK years ago. The man is deluded.
Pp “ mafia - marxist - it is just a matter of a few letters” Like “fascism - fish ‘n’ chips”

T know you’re not very well, Peter, but that’s barking.

Take some more pills.
It's the easiest thing in the world for any politician to say "This is what we would have done, and we were saying to do it years ago … " but the simple fact is, if Labour was in power, they may (hope to God!) be doing the same, but they would be doing it for the same reasons as the Conservatives - namely, it is what has to be done but …

If we were not in this position, and Labour was in power, it's highly unlikely that they would have poured in all these resources, because the world economy would not have allowed them to.

The money comes because of the crisis, nothing more.

It is always possible to make political points when a crisis is happening to the party opposite - but some have the dignity to know when it is inappropriate to do so.

The fact that Jeremy Corbyn has never grasped this simple point is just one of the many many reasons why he was never fit to be a party leader, and why his party and himself were comprehensively crushed by the will of the people.
Pathetic little man. Continuing delusions of grandeur - but always an 'also ran'.
Well said andy-hughes.

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'Narcissist' Corbyn Boasts ' Pandemi Shows I Was Right

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