Has The Panic Buying Slowed Down?

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Deskdiary | 20:08 Sat 28th Mar 2020 | News
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Is the absurd moronic panic buying/hoarding by cretins beginning to slow down? (perhaps they've run out of space!).

I went to a supermarket today, and whilst it was a bit of a ballache queuing outside for 15 minutes or so with the 1 out 1 in procedure, but once inside it was very pleasant, it not being packed, and the shelves were all fully stocked.


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Which supermarket was that DD?
yes i think so, plus now people cant have more than a certain amount of stuff (or take anyoe else with them) that ha also helped
depends if you live in a city i suppose, i dont fortunatly, but i imagine 20 somethings not used to what they percieve to be hard times, will hoard...i could not imagine what they would do, if they lived through ww2...ration books etc.
I was able to get all the fresh meat that I wanted and some bread but there were still no tinned items or paper products
plenty of everything in ASDA, I also have a delivery tuesday.
No I do not agree with calling people names .Lets look for the goodness in people .The people who did over buy probably did it because they were scared and not sure how to react to what they were being told .
i had to wait a week for my asda delivery, but fair dues lovely fella
thumbs up for asda..
I had a similar experience in Tesco yesterday, all very civilised. I just wish they'd had some flour and yeast. Not having it's gonna kill me though.
rockyracoon, mrs fender bakes our bread..many many yrs, apple of my she she is...she's a task master..knows how to get things done.
I bet she has great stocks of bread and yeast. I do love home made bread, but I want to make pizzas
"it was a bit of a ballache queuing outside for 15 minutes"

Oh my goodness, you poor thing. How absolutely awful for you.
weecalf you are very charitable but they are morons creating more problems.
Think now that procedures are in place things have settled a lot in regards to demand for product

Lots of bread, milk and even loo roll at my tesco. No pasta though
//The people who did over buy probably did it because they were scared//
that would explain the run on toilet rolls ...

Question Author
I said it was a "bit" of a ballache. I wasn't moaning about it.
Being scared is no excuse. If folk were unable to realise for themselves what they should do, then they were told often enough. But all they were interested in was, "I'm alright Jack".

You were lucky if all the shelves were stacked. Not yet desperate but today in Lidl there were still no toilet rolls to replace those recently used.
Question Author
Exactly OG - it was pure selfishness, and stupid.
Here in Twickenham the new Lidl has calmed down and food is available.
people buy what they want and then stop buying. They're capitalists in action (or morons, as communists would no doubt call them). A shame the market failed to cope for a while.
Morrisons this morning had everything in except toilet rolls and tissues. Shelves full of tinned goods. Did not look for pasta as never eat the stuff. Loads of fruit and veg on display. Even got himself some beer.

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Has The Panic Buying Slowed Down?

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