Should We Emulate The Golgafrinchams?

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ToraToraTora | 22:22 Tue 17th Mar 2020 | News
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I just got me weeks shopping from ASDA, TBH a few items missing but mostly there. So shall we round up all the morons panic buying and send them to Earth?


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The problem with your approach, TTT, is that (having put all their telephone sanitisers on board the ship that was programmed to crash into Earth) the Golgafrinchams were then all subsequently wiped out by a disease contracted from a dirty telephone ;-)
Thanks for the explanation, Buenchico. I had no idea what TTT was on about; now it's quite clear. Did that telephone become dirty because one of the Elaphunties aboard the ship decided to make a trunk-call?
Sort of makes sense these days, companion hitchhiker.
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The truth may lie somewhere between.
I'm claiming I was misled ;-)
The truth is out there.

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Should We Emulate The Golgafrinchams?

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