Only Females Menstruate

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Deskdiary | 20:37 Fri 06th Mar 2020 | News
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Am I missing something here?

"The row erupted when Dr Poen responded to a tweet by a Twitter user called 'Lilo the Autistic Queer' which read: 'Not everyone who menstruates is female. Not everyone who is female menstruates. Let's shift our language.'"

I hate to break it to 'Lilo the Autistic Queer', but the ONLY people who menstruate are women.

On a scale on 1 to 10, with 10 being you're a total ***, how much of a *** is 'Lilo the Autistic Queer'?


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Only females menstruate, period.
Your Answer...////What people mean by given words is irrelevant. Hes are hes and she’s are shes.//

Bullocks. The intent of the speaker is uncountably the most important thing. It's the difference between deliberately insulting people and possibly upsetting a snowflake of two.

The first is the work of an ***. The second can be solved with an explanation or apology.//

That was me supposedly calling you an ***.

As is clear, I'm saying if its someone's intent to deliberately insult a person, that's the actions of a ***. You're not mentioned at all here, it's all metaphorical, and is only in response to the first sentence in your quote.

I don't expect an apology from you Naomi, as its not really your way, but it would be nice.
Mozz, I didn’t mention me - and if an apology were due, which it isn’t, being rude is not the way to achieve one.

Jim, that doesn’t wash.

DTC - Six sexes in Judaism?
Wow! Where can I read about this?
Is it mentioned in the scriptures?
Thank you Mamya. Will read that soon.
Only females menstruate, period. and that's not balls
Keep going, you'll find something original eventually.

I think I'd get along very well with Rowan's friend.
//and if an apology were due, which it isn’t, being rude is not the way to achieve one//

You would know about that, my dear.

I think I'm done with this thread now. There comes a point when you realise that continuing a discussion with certain people is like pissing in the wind. Have a nice day
Throwing the towel in?
^That's one way of backtracking.
[email protected] ^^
Getting a man to menstruate would make great live TV, like the X Factor.
And once again the natter and nonsense of chatterbank tumbles down into news. Impressive. :o)

Theland, you shouldn’t set too much store by DTC’s claims.
What a bizarre comment Theland.
The more I read on this thread the more I realise that piles of men must bleed regularly.
Bit of an odd thing to say by 'Lilo' but I'm surprised it made the news tbh.
Mamya, it's such a stupid claim isn't it?
It needs to be challenged with a demand for proof or ridicule.

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Only Females Menstruate

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