Only Females Menstruate

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Deskdiary | 20:37 Fri 06th Mar 2020 | News
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Am I missing something here?

"The row erupted when Dr Poen responded to a tweet by a Twitter user called 'Lilo the Autistic Queer' which read: 'Not everyone who menstruates is female. Not everyone who is female menstruates. Let's shift our language.'"

I hate to break it to 'Lilo the Autistic Queer', but the ONLY people who menstruate are women.

On a scale on 1 to 10, with 10 being you're a total ***, how much of a *** is 'Lilo the Autistic Queer'?


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I don't have any intention of denying that trans people can be nasty pieces of work who deserve sometimes to be locked up for their crimes. Defending the rights of anybody in a prison is always difficult, particularly so when doing so seems to lead to another foul crime being committed. But the solution to that is better investment in prison services, better oversight, and so on, so that such crimes are prevented.

The issue of trans people in sports is one that deserves more thought in future, I have no intention of denying that one. As to the last one, most people who walk into changing rooms do so because they want to try something on, and those who walk in for cynical reasons are committing a crime and can't hide behind a pronoun to absolve them of that.

All of those are, as far as I can see, entirely separate from the question of language, and of respect for people's identities when they want only to go about their daily life free from harassment. I agree that such respect needs to go both ways, and I do accept/fear that maybe there's not enough respect and empathy in the other direction for what are legitimate concerns.
//They have all happened, mozz.//

Have you links for these then Pixie? I'm not denying any of them haven't happened, I've just not heard of them?
There is a great big f*** off Pink ! lorry that comes to where I work that is sign written 'Lady ****' usually bringing pallets back from JLR Halewood. And I'll bet a years wages that 'Lady **** has never ever menstruated, dresses like one and looks pretty much like one from the rear but not from the front definitely a he / she that causes much amusement with the forklift drivers that unloads 'Lady **** lorry. No matter how much 'Lady ****' tries he/ she is never gonna pass has a woman ( Thank gawd for modern power steering and automatic gearboxes on these modern juggernauts.
I'm assume Pixie meant changing rooms at a gym or swimming pool more than a store. They can be communal rooms.
Jim, you can claim they are separate issues all you like, of course. But the fact is, all these things have happened, because we are pretending to believe someone can change sex.
You're a scientist, you know it isn't true. You also know this is exactly the reason that women are allowed to be segregated or separated in the first place.
How many are you willing to risk with this?
And why can men not just accept other men, no matter how they present... into their own spaces?
// And why can men not just accept other men, no matter how they present... into their own spaces? //

I'm always happy to support a plea for more tolerance.
Sorry, mozz, I don't really have links, as I'm not just googling... but I'm sure they are all online by now, at least x
Off hand, a man, called "karen" raped, I think 4 women after being put in a female prison.
Another, in a wrestling match, broke a woman's skull, and she needed staples, because he had pretended he was a woman (she wasn't told).
"Rachel" McKinnon won a race, pretending to be a woman. The two actual women who came 2nd and 3rd (1st and 2nd in reality) both complained. But very quickly withdrew them and apologised after accusations of transphobia... they had spent their lives training, he was twice their size...
This is nothing more than the usual, of men trying to invade women... just a different way.
Thanks Jim. The most common reason I have seen for men needing to use female spaces, is a fear of violence because they look different.
However, women are separated because of the threat from men.
Wouldn't it be better, if everyone could present, wear, behave how they like, without having to pretend to be something they aren't?
Why did women have to shut up and make way, as ever, because of potential male violence? And why are vulnerable people having irreversible operations because of it?
On the subject of sports, Martina Navratilova has been one of the most outspoken on that issue. Worth seeing what she's had to say since:

//...what I think I have come to realise, the biggest thing for me, is just that the level of difficulty that trans people go through cannot be underestimated. The fight for equality and recognition is just huge. That being said, still, for me, the most important thing in sports... and you have to remember, trans rights and elite sports are two different things, although of course they are connected. What's the right way to set rules so that everybody feels like they have a fighting chance? It feels to me that it is impossible to come to any real conclusions or write any meaningful rules until more research is done. But for now, I think we need to include as many transgender athletes as possible within elite sports, while keeping it as level a playing field as possible. //
Thank you Jim, I wasn't aware of either of them.

The first needs to be put down. I agree the second is a tough one. I have to agree with the other competitors/commentators. It's unfair on the other competitors. If they want to prove themselves as sportspeople, they should either compete in the men's events or have a specific race for trans athletes.
// However, women are separated because of the threat from men. //

Part of the solution to this debate must surely be to educate men to, you know, not do that. We can but dream, I suppose.
I think that goes without saying, Jim. I have no problem with a struggling individual... obviously. If I could help them I would.
But this is a new religion, basically. It is about belief, not science or truth, and anyone who disagrees is silenced or called names, just the same.
It's the ideologies that I detest, not the people. And, just as I am an atheist, but would still help a believer if I could... I am an atheist with this ideology too... but it is not personal.
It's the only solution, Jim. We seem to still have this idea that men are just violent and that's that. So women need to move up and shut up instead. I don't agree with that.
The only thing I'd like to add is that I try not to be associated with the "religious" aspects of this. I'll argue passionately for the right of transgender people to have their identities respected, but I wouldn't silence people purely for disagreeing.
Many will, though, Jim. Everyone can identify however they like- of course. It's only when it starts affecting other people's rights that it becomes a problem. And, it does seem, so far, that if you accept a man using "she", he starts to take it literally. Which if course, is not acceptable.
I think this is the 21st century of homosexuality, when it comes to acceptance. We're the generation who will have the hard job of dealing with a shiny, new type of people, and to the older generation, it is entirely alien.

In thirty years time, it will be the norm.
No, I don't think so, mozz. Homosexuality never affected anyone else. And traditionally, transgender and gay people hate each other. They particularly hate lesbians. As, gay people admit they are attracted to the opposite sex... instead of "admitting" they were born the wrong one... they are not comparable at all.
In 30 years,I think we will look back at these experiments, and be shocked at how badly we treated people.
I'll also add, this is nothing new.
Women have been prevented from working, voting, having children without being married, going out in "unsuitable clothes" etc. etc..
This pretence now that real women don't really even exist... is just the same attempt, with another method.
In French there are only two genders, he and she, no it.

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