Boris Announces New Rules On Sick Pay In View Of Coronavirus

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MargoTester | 14:04 Wed 04th Mar 2020 | News
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Well done Boris.
Hardly the fate of the nation, jno. Fate of 'The Firm, maybe.
Quack quack oops! Wrong fred.
away with you, Ken, and sober up.
they got it right, well done Boris and team -
Good news for those who qualify.
Bit of a kick in the teeth if you earn too little to qualify, our you're a contractor. It's a good start, but more needs to be done.
*or if you're a contractor
you have to remember that employers are having to pick up the tab. they can't be a bottomless pit
Yes indeed Em. They could do with some government help too. Especially places like independent shops and stores, who will be hit hardest by a lack of manpower.
which could mean the government taking a hold or giving them a hand....
Everyone knows the pit isn't bottomless and the lower you are the more you lose out - doesn't make the pill any easier to swallow though.
Boris announces that somebody else will foot the bill until enough pressure is brought to bear.

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Boris Announces New Rules On Sick Pay In View Of Coronavirus

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