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She gets that dreadful sickness problem so I think the first signs would be that she stops making public appearances. Also, they might want to wait until Harry’s problems are sorted out. We must wait and see xx
Question Author
We must helly, I’m very sceptical about people reading her body language and declaring she’s pregnant, but I hope she is
Just sayin’ :9)
She was drinking Guinness yesterday so I doubt it!
If they have any sense they will stop as they are. Any more sprogs will be highly irresponsible given we need to reduce the Worlds population not increase it.

But I guess its one rule for us and another for them usually.
younmafblog well at least the Royal Family can afford as many children as they want -unlike these lowlifes on benefits that pop one out every year for more 'wages'!
Question Author
I’d like the line to continue ymb, might be in the minority but there it is :0)
Question Author
Hey APG , I like that
There is no rule limiting how many children a person can have in this country - so it really is 'no rule for all' in that respect
Guiness is good for you! They used to give pregnant women bottles of stout to keep their iron levels up.
Bobbi. She often pops in with her 2 eldest
children to our local garden centre cafe when they are at Sandringham. If I see her, I'll ask her!
My Grandmother had a pint of it every night until the day she died, bless her.
IF she is pregnant, I’m beside myself with glee. As for ‘ those lowlifes on benefits ‘ we could maybe drop them off to a deserted island off the coast in Britain and let them fend for themselves, . A bit like how leper’s were treated ?
Question Author
APC please do , lol then at least it’s from her good self, would have said horses mouth but declined for obvious reasons :0/
Are there many dessert Island off the coast of Britain Anne?
APG, with you, and people with similar views, I’m sure you could find a suitable location.
plenty of deserted islands off scotland :)
Question Author
Off the coast of Scotland?
“ I’ll get me coat” :0(
i dont get it bobbi? according to google, loads
Question Author
Sorry BD, that was to AA, when she said off the coast of Britain, looks like our posts crossed

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