Oh Dear, Oh Deary Deary Me

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youngmafbog | 21:05 Wed 04th Dec 2019 | News
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COB & Co, the gift that just keeps giving:

And this is just today. Some of these things are either total incompetance or labour dont want to win.

I really hope the labour party sorts itself out, although mildy amusing it really is not good for the Country.

And where is Abacus (apart from bailing her son out of jail )


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Can you imagine the snittering that Trudeau (in his brown shoes) and Macron would have indulged in had Cob been at the summit instead of Boris?
Hmmm all from the Daily Fail I see.

An anagram of NAKE FEWS perhaps?
What do you expect from The Daily Wail ???
Mr Corbyn has vowed to hand over Chequers to the homeless if he becomes prime minister.
can he do that - Chequers is governed by Act of Parliament
would this have to be repealed, or can the PM do as he wishes with Chequers?
Got to be the biggest giggle this month.!Eddie mocks a newspaper for allegedly reporting false news. I am not sure anything Eddie has ever posted can be relied on as kosher. :-(
Just because something is printed in a publication you don’t like doesn’t make it fake news.

Perhaps this is why so many people believe MSM so much. They don’t look at opposing views?
Is referring to the Daily Mail as the Daily Wail an indication of intellectual superiority? Barring the Daily Star (is that what it's called?) I read all the newspapers, including The Sun. Guess that makes me a thicko.
The Daily Mail is currently acting as an election propaganda machine for the Conservative party. As much as I dislike Corbyn, I don't need to read any of those links to know that they're just anti-Corbyn\Labour stories.

I might as well post a load of links to the Morning Star and suggest it's proof of how evil Boris Johnson is.
Ahhh, the Morning Star. Thanks Ludwig.
I could've also said the Daily Mirror. Same thing. People need to try a few different sources to get a balanced view, but I guess the reason they don't is that they don't actually want a balanced view, just one that reflects their own.
The issue is actually finding a news outlet that is completely unbiased Ludwig. They've all got agendas they support.

It does make me chuckle that the same people who cry and stomp their feet about the BBC's so-called left wing bias are the same who are most likely to link stories from the Mail or Telegraph.
// The issue is actually finding a news outlet that is completely unbiased Ludwig. They've all got agendas they support. //

Which is exactly my point. There's no such thing as an unbiased source of information. Everything is ultimately someone's subjective take on something even if they're doing their best to be neutral.

This is why I said you need to look at different sources. Anyone that takes anything they see from a single source at face value is just foolish.
Yes Ludwig, I think you are right. However it is difficult spending time trying to absorb news content that instinctively goes against the grain. But yes.
the Morning Star is not the Daily Star. In fact, when the former sued the latter for pinching its name, the judge ruled that "even a moron in a hurry" couldn't confuse them. But what do you know.

Meanwhile, it seems Boris thinks the children of working mothers are more likely to mug you. Or perhaps he doesn't, since he just says the first thing that comes into his head. Fortunately, that hasn't made it into ymb's list of shame; I wonder why.
I don't think Boris would hAve shone in his school debating society.
Too much mumbo jumbo.
The Mail is biassed.

Try the Morning Star - Corbyn used to write for it...
I bet that was a good read whilst sitting on the bog!
The Mail calls out Corbyn for saying violent crime has doubled under the Tories. Here are the facts:

// Specifically, the claim is based on a rise in “violence against the person” offences. Police recorded about 630,000 such crimes in 2013-14, compared to nearly 1.7 million in 2018-19.

Most of the increase in “violence against the person” offences in the last five years has come from the “violence without injury” and “stalking and harassment” subcategories, which have increased by 173 per cent and 609 per cent respectively over the period. //
how many do watch the Queens speech i wonder
as to Chequers, surely he can't give that up as its not his to give...
How many homeless people would Chequers actually accommodate?

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