Boris Ran Scared!

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diddlydo | 23:07 Wed 27th Nov 2019 | News
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So we were expecting Boris on BBC1 with Andrew Neil at 7.30 this evening. Never happened. Who wants a chicken as PM?????


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He seems to have cancelled quite a few interviews on TV.
Scared? Why would he need to?
Question Author
Because he didn't want to be grilled like Jeremy Corbyn was last night as he has no answers to the questions he would have faced.
Yes, i would have liked to see Andrew Neil rough up Boris Johnson.
I was disappointed that he wasn't on....however, the two substitutes, Conservative and Labour made hard work of the documentation re selling off of the NHS.
Why and for what reason would ANY political party want to commit political suicide, by selling off"our wonderful NHS?"
He can’t take the pressure .
diddly, he hasn't run, and Rosie, he hasn't cancelled. A date has yet to be agreed.

//A Downing Street source said that no interview date had been confirmed, and Mr Johnson’s team were still “in discussions” with the BBC.//
He has already been on to answer questions. As Corbyn is no threat whatsoever, it would seem daft to humour him anyway. Surely, by now, we need a PM with some common sense?
No date has been agreed for Boris’s appearance it was never going to be tonight. I think you may have been confused by the Independent story. Or it could be that you’re permanently confused about most things in life. 99% of your post would seem to suggest this.
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Naomi - yes , no date had been formally agreed but an Andrew Neil prog was in the Radio Times and even the right-wingers on this site thought it was going to happen tonight. Slight hitch - Boris realised he would be assassinated so chickened out - what a coward.
diddly, //even the right-wingers on this site thought it was going to happen tonight. //

I didn't. I've seen no advert for it.
Me neither, can you show this link, diddly please, where Boris said this?
''So we were expecting...''

Who are the 'we' you talk of?

I wasn't expecting Boris, anyway, he's a busy man.
Question Author
The usual right-wing gang on this site were looking forward to it happening tonight. You obviously haven't been keeping up.
I haven't tbh... I have been working. Which people are these? And what do you think Boris is "scared" of?
If anyone isn't keeping up it's you, diddly. I haven't seen this elusive encounter advertised. Have you? If so, where? is Corbyn a busy man, but he turned up.

I expected Boris.........don't know why..;-)
But sqad ... Corbyn is desperate to stop anyone voting for him, because he is worried he may have to put his money where his mouth is. Boris maybe has more confidence...
sqad, not as busy as the man who is still prime minister until the results are in :-) x
sqad, Corbyn was booked. As far as I'm aware Boris isn't - yet.

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Boris Ran Scared!

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