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No one - whoever they may be - should have the opportunity to vote twice. It needs sorting.
APG, anyone can apply for a postal vote and no reason need be given.
Didn't have you down as a 'No smoke without fire' man Danny.

Agree Naomi, the system needs sorting.
Question Author
Aunt Polly, the Electoral Commission would disagree with you. See link at 11.14.
Naomi is spot on. IF there is a flaw in the voting system that allows this, it needs fixing.
DANNY, any student could vote twice so that includes those voting for any party, not only Labour.
Time was when it was regarded as democratic for students to have two votes. Maybe they just want to revive the spirit of the 1920s :)
Question Author
Corby, if there is nothing to the story, then why aren't Labour suing the Mail for libel?
DANNY, Who would launch the action? No-one has been named.
//No one - whoever they may be - should have the opportunity to vote twice//
strewth, it's hard enough for me picking one ...
Question Author
The Labour Party, incidentally it was Corbyn who wanted the date of the election brought forward to the 9th because he thought the students would be on holiday.I wonder why that was ?
^Hmmmm..... difficult one.
In their 2018 report on alleged electoral fraud in the 2017 General Election, the Electoral Commission said this,

"Allegations of double voting

2.20 In the days following the June 2017 UK general election, a number of people on social media claimed they had voted twice at the general election.
We received a significant amount of correspondence referring to these social media posts – our report on electoral registration at the 2017 UKPGE noted that at the time of publication we had received 1,013 emails and 15 telephone calls from members of the public referring to media reports about these
2.21 To date, we have received 60 letters from 47 MPs raising constituents’ concerns on this issue.
2.22 The National Police Chiefs’ Council (NPCC) has collated information from police forces across the UK about the current status of their
investigations into allegations of double voting. In December 2017 we reported that a total of 17 individual allegations of double voting had been
identified from claims made directly to the police or indirectly via elected representatives, the press or social media.
2.23 By the end of January 2018, we had received notification of five allegations of electoral fraud which related to double voting from police
2.24 As detailed above one of these cases resulted in a conviction. Two cases resulted in no further action following the conclusion of police
investigations; one was classed as ‘other’ and deemed not in the public interest to prosecute; and the remaining case is still under investigation."
Question Author
Corby., yes I read that.Your point is?
This, and other frauds, has been happening since the start of unmonitored postal voting and it does tend to be to the advantage of one side.
If double voting resulted in a gaol term then I'd be interesting to see how many chose to be "brave".
DANNY, my point is, one conviction and nothing to indicate a campaign by Labour to encourage students to vote twice.
Question Author
Corby, then you believe what you wish, as will I.
Every case of double voting is a case too many. But, I think I am right in saying, TCL's point is that the actual scale of double voting is tiny. There is no justification in suggesting that Labour is looking to cheat.

No great mystery about why Labour would want students to find it easier to vote. But, to turn it around, since students *do* have a democratic right to vote, wouldn't it be more cynical to look to make it difficult for them to do so as opposed to easy? Trying to stop certain people voting just because you don't like who they might vote for is rather more serious -- that's why the original proposed election date of 15th October was so controversial, because it fell on a Jewish holiday, during which they would not be allowed to vote.

I would rather believe a report from the Electoral Commission after investigating numerous allegations rather than a Daily Mail report based on a deleted tweet.

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