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They might be on their Hols this time, danny.
So is it just Labour followers who have the ability to do this? And why haven't the DM printed the tweet as it appears on Twitter. You know, with dates etc?
I think activists in other parties will be aware of this long standing anomaly too.
Our voting system is far too open to abuse with postal votes and dual votes and even known campaigns of personation in marginal seats- wasn't there even a councillor or MP who voted twice recently?

You could argue it's fair for students as they contribute via council tax at both addresses. Hold on a minute...
One tweet is hardly evidence of a plan by Labour to encourage folk to break the law, is it?
//I think activists in other parties will be aware of this long standing anomaly too. //

Only labour cheat tho, others find loopholes ;)
Question Author
Corby // as Corbyn's far left followers tell activist to 'vote often'//
Oh look, the Daily Mail...

*ignores thread*
If you can’t win fairly win by cheating.

If you have to win by cheating you probably aren’t up to the job.
Question Author
Mozz, it is easy to ignore what you do not wish to see.
With you Mozz.....this paper is a muck stirring rag IMO...and I would not believe a huge amount of what it states is news.
As I have said before, you can vote twice at council elections but NOT at a GE.
I always thought that students can register to vote at both their home address and their uni address and are allowed to vote in both local elections. However, for a GE, are they not supposed to make known their preferred address from which to vote?
DANNY, you quoted from the headline but the evidence in the story is a single tweet.
Whatever! Even if it happens I doubt it will affect the overall result.
" Lucy is a bright intelligent university student"

No she isn't she's a fool.
Well folks I spend half an hour yesterday registering my son to vote at uni. You have to go on Gov. website and put in all their details and they have to be registered at their home address before they can register to vote from a different address. They will only get one polling card sent to their uni address and they will have to vote for the local candidate for their uni address. If they want to vote for their home candidate they have to apply for a postal vote, which can be addressed to their uni address, but to do this you have to download a form, sign it stating why you want a postal vote and post it back to your local council. I can categorically state you cannot vote in the same general election at two different addresses.
//Mozz, it is easy to ignore what you do not wish to see.//

Not at all Danny, just get me the details from a source that aren't extreme cheerleaders for the UK political right and I'll have a butchers at it.

Any vote rigging by registering at both home and college addresses can be done by any student, regardless of who they support.
"No smoke without fire...." "Students could have voted twice." screams the headline. And i COULD have won last night's Euro Millions lottery.

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