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Canary42 | 20:11 Fri 01st Nov 2019 | News
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Boris has rejected a pact with Nigel, so we all know what's going to happen next.


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I don't.
Don't think it makes any difference. Those who want Brexit in any shape or form will realise that the only way forward is to vote Tory. The BP will be in meltdown and their vote will collapse.
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Can someone explain how it's possible to have two different versions of Brexit on offer if "everybody who voted Leave knew what they were voting for"? And, if one is the "wrong" version, doesn't that illustrate that maybe there needs to be a further explicit question asked to resolve the matter?
Brexit was voted for with no deal on offer. So only one version. I doubt many will be worried if a beneficial deal (to us) is made, but the question was absolutely clear.
Yes. Brino or No Deal Brexit.
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No he won’t.
Why would he?
Farage wants to undo everything Johnson has done and is probably a bigger threat to Brexit than the Lib Dems
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Canary could you enlighten a simpleton like me with your incredible foresight that you have oft demonstrated as to what will happen next please?
Frustration,I suppose.
I'm sure there will be an 'understanding' between the 2 parties.
//Yes. He scrambled a naughty word. Naughty judge!//

Yes the shame !!!! Only the second answer (I think) I've had removed. I'll rephrase it:

Go on then. Put us out of our misery. What is going to happen next because I'm blowed if I know?

//Can someone explain how it's possible to have two different versions of Brexit on offer if "everybody who voted Leave knew what they were voting for"?//

Good Gawd! How many times? The question was simple. Remain or Leave. The majority voted to leave. So, "Leave" (depart, resign, no longer belong, out, not an alternative form of membership, not half in half out). It was well explained by the Remain campaign what perils would lie ahead in the event of a leave vote - no customs union, no single market, none of the other unmissable advantages of membership. If those who voted to leave didn't know what they were voting for they should have consulted a dictionary.
People knew what they were voting for, it was to leave. Details weren't relevant as long as we left. Why wouldn't there be options in details ?
I remain seriously offended when people - usually with no more or less understanding that I have - infer that I 'didn't know what I was voting for ...'.

I absolutely did know - and look forward to the will of the people being enacted a.s.a.p.

I do understand why Mr Johnson will not enter a pact with the Brexit Party, I also hope it does not split the vote, which could lead to a hung parliament, and we know what a disaster that will be.
I know these leader types stick to their guns convinced they'll win through, but splitting the votes for the poor deal, or a no-deal that needs to get either through Westminster or to the latest exit date without further delay; seems a foolish risk to take.
I agree. The only hope for Brexit lies with the Tory party. Nigel should take a back seat this time.
I absolutely knew what I was voting for and I am rather upset that Boris (in whom I had invested a lot of hope) does not seem to have understood what 'Leave' meant. We did not vote to have ourselves powerless and at the mercy of the EU and ECJ for 2 years, nor did we vote to have N.I. isolated from the mainland of the UK by so much as a whisper. We voted to leave the lot as a unity. Boris's agreement is almost as bad as May's. I cannot understand why he will not come to an accommodation with the Brexit Party over Leave-voting Labour strongholds. It seems to me that this action on its own threatens Brexit --- and I wonder about his motivation.
//Can someone explain how it's possible to have two different versions of Brexit on offer //

Simple. One of them is fake.... but you know that.
Like lambs unto the slaughter, the sheeple shall swallow the lie....again.. if they do not, it shall be force fed them.
After all, they have an army.
I have supported Farage for some time, but as from tonight, no more. He has become a complete egotistical fantasist. What would he have been able to do differently had he become PM last July, with all of the EU & the majority of the British parliament against him?
Boris is involved in taking the long view & realpolitik he has done an amazingly good job in a short space of time & will get my vote & I suspect that of many others who will perhaps see through the egotistical Farage bluster.

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