Mueller Before Congress

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vetuste_ennemi | 13:36 Fri 26th Jul 2019 | News
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Anybody see coverage of this on YouTube?


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Good innit, mamya. I like the ones with jam in. Like Bob Marley.
13:44 Fri 26th Jul 2019
I have followed this relatively closely and have seen how the MSM have pushed the collusion and then obstruction narrative.

They take every word and put different meanings to it. When the investigation first started when he said something along the lines of ‘I’m screwed’, that does on the face of it appear to say he has done something wrong and is just awaiting the hand on the shoulder. But what was not reported was he said he was screwed because he wouldn’t be able to get anything done while the hounds were at the door. Finish the sentence and get the bigger picture.

You shouldn’t hold anyone below the law. But that is what they have done.

AG Barr has his investigation 8nto the start of the Russia collusion and will undoubtedly find that the actual Russian colluders were Clinton, who illegally sold Uranium or something to Russia at a huge benefit to herself. This has been set up to cover her and Obama.

But I wouldn’t expect anyone of a liberal leaning to actually care about the actual truth.
Well that made me laugh :-)
Who said they were screwed by the way
I think you’ve been reading conspiracy theory websites.
// 'Mr Mueller said he had not exonerated Mr Trump of obstruction of justice' //

considering he was attorney general of god knows what
he said he didnt realise it was his job to indict or acquit ( say it is not worf it yeah?) the president

so what was he there for ?

Mueller didnt do this and didnt do that,
yeah but you were meant to - -
oh was I ?

special counsel and not special prosecutor - --
excuse me ?
Maybe if they did actually drain the swamp we'd find where the bodies are buried.

Not much chance of any result anytime soon though, these things are set up to either fail or exhaust onlookers
yeah apparently the leaked Hillary Clinton emails were from Assange from the Russians

apparently there is no question the Russians were interfering the only q is whether Trump knew

assange kept up his contacts with the russians in the ecuadorian embassy
but surely he knew that the Ecuadorians, hence spanith hence the British were getting copies
Question Author
The Mueller enquiry was set up to determine whether the Russians had been "colluding" with the Trump campaign, and the report which bears his name concluded that that their was no evidence of this.

AB's greatest jurist may care to comment on this conclusion and the concept of "exoneration", a word used nearly as many times from Democrat interrogators as "purview" was by Mueller.
Question Author
(Perhaps "that that their" ain't a good advertisement for my English Language teacher. Or possibly it's the pupil who's to blame.)
Question Author
(Possibly a good advert for the Bacard, though.)
.OP - dear v-e// The Mueller enquiry was set up to...... yip yip yip blah blah blah//

I think The Mueller enquiry was set up to.......
"According to its authorizing document,[5] the investigation's scope included allegations of "links and/or coordination" between the Russian government and individuals associated with the Trump campaign.Mueller was also mandated to pursue "any matters that arose or may arise directly from the investigation." The probe included a criminal investigation which looked into potential obstruction of justice charges..... and it goes on"

so Mueller wasnt meant to charge anyone that was someone else job - division of thingey
I mean christ is Mueller a Jesuit?

PS I dont know what purview means
Question Author
Did, or did not the report which bears his name determine that there was "coordination" between the Russian government and individuals associated with the Trump campaign?

I, too, have no idea what "purview" means, but note it's onne of Mueller's favourite words. Ususually qualified (in hi congressional testimony) by the qualification [i]"not in my"[i].

The most interesting example of the "not in my purview" being when he was asked if he knew who the authors of the Steele report which created the conspiracy theory were, and who had solicited and paid for it.

The reliability of the theory's source document and the independence of its publishers (although there might be the a slight smack of Russian collusion) were not only outside Mueller's "purview", but seemed matters of little importance to America's most famous jurist since Wendell Holmes.

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Mueller Before Congress

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