Nodding Dog Politician

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NellieMay | 22:25 Thu 25th Jul 2019 | News
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Can someone please tell me who the female black politician is who sits on Corbyns right-hand side on the front bench. She just sits there nodding with a smug smile on her face. Very weird!


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This is her and yes NM she does sit there looking very pleased with herself.
22:35 Thu 25th Jul 2019
Dianne Abbott.
Oops I don't think Onasanya is an MP anymore.

It's not DA Tony.
OK, it's Dawn Butler.
This is her and yes NM she does sit there looking very pleased with herself.
Question Author
That's it - Dawn Butler. Thanks Ladybirder. Its been bugging me for ages! She really irritates me!

Me too.
NellieMay, do none of the nodding dogs on the other side irritate you? There are just as many, you know. One that irritated the hell out of me was Phillip Hammond. I'm sure i've seen him in the back of someone's car, nodding away, nodding away, nodding away.......................
Yes well when you have. Non job like Dawn Butler has all you can do is nod.
The nodding bit is important. The Abbots/Hammonds etc owe their positions to patronage and their being "onside" with the patron's views.
Happens in all parties and no doubt it's why Boris Johnson had a clear out of the non nodders.
Re "nodders" yes.

Brexit to me is ditching the oligarchs and returning to a system whereby if I do get lumbered with a Corbyn, then at least I can remove him. Not true of Juncker or of his his German successor.

Strangely Scottish politicians are arguing the case for "independence". I'm trying to reconcile their concept of independence by quitting the Union while remaining subject to the EU.

However, I don't trust Johnson.

I don't have a personal VE (being childlerss) Dawkins selfish gene interest, but I have a surrogated interest by dint of my late wife's grand-children.

Federal Europe is not yet (freedom of speech apart) actively malign. But the nature and direction of a self-appointing bureaucracy doesn't rest in the hands of a free electorate.

Spot on Nellie, I also can't stand her miserable black face, never smiles and she is a "mouther" rather than a "nodder".

"It's true"
They are just three of her favourite "mouthings."

To be fair, we see this sort of theatrical behaviour on both sides of the house, but the camera spends much time on Corbyn and incidentally her too.....the fragrant Dawn Butler.
Think if I was sitting facing Boris ,watching him doing his impression of Winston Churchill I would not smiling I would be PMSL
Question Author
You're right Sqad. The cameras linger on her and Corbyn. Also true about the mouthings. I know nodding goes on on both sides, but with less camera attention. Has she replaced Abbot? She (and shifty Corbyn) both make my skin crawl!
No she hasn't replaced DA.
if they were daydreaming and shook instead of nodding they'd be in big trouble
Question Author
Ladybirder - I meant in his affections ;o)

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Nodding Dog Politician

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