Carl Beech Jailed For 18 Years.

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Bigbad | 14:48 Fri 26th Jul 2019 | News
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What a piece of filth.
The devastation he has caused to other people's live's must be immeasurable.


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^^ lives.
Not long enough.
Good news.....but twice as long would have been better.
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Indeed it would jackthehat.
I hope he serves every day of those 18 years in abject misery.

This idiot has not just wrecked peoples lives already but the effects will continue for years with people not being trusted.

Cruel cruel crime.
Excellent news, a hateful little man.
Justice at last.
The only word I can come up with to describe this person is scum.

I heard the Harvey Proctor interview the day this scum was arrested, and his pain was palpable; the poor man was in tears, his reputation had been ruined as were his finances.

I can't help thinking that part of the fault is that from 2014 there has been a presumption that 'victims' are telling the truth.
And this scum will serve only 9 years behind bars
Operation Midland involved 30 Officers over 18 months and cost £2.5 Million pounds. It called Beech’s evidence ‘credible and true’.

From what we now, it seems incredible that Beech’s story didn’t unravel more quickly, and that he was taken seriously for so long. Beech is an evil liar, but the people who should have found him out earlier were very negligent. And Hogan-Howes got a Knighthood and sits in the Lords, and the man in Operation charge of Operation Midland, quietly retired from the Met last week, with out any disciplinary action against him.
I really felt for Harvey Proctor on this evening's BBC News. His job has gone, his home has gone and his obituary already part written.

All for one sick man's fantasies.
// I can't help thinking that part of the fault is that from 2014 there has been a presumption that 'victims' are telling the truth. //

because there was - Allison Saunders DPP brought that change in altho I think she was told it would be disastrous and did it anyway
"you will be believed"
now downgraded to you will be taken seriously

and if the complainant is believed then the lucky suspect has to disprove the allegations

Yes I have been on the end of this and didnt like it much. Oh you are oK you arent famous, i was told solicitously

this is rare by the way, usually they say "o the allegations arent true, well your prize is that you have shown yourself innocent."
Nasty piece of work.
Victims are assumed to be lying, and they have to prove otherwise. This kind of thing as well as being cruel and destructive to the victims, absolutely does not help.
If 'victims' have the presumption of truth, it means the accused are presumed guilty.

I find it incredibly concerning that it flies in the face of presumed innocence until proven otherwise.
They don't at all, DD. Accusers have to prove "beyond reasonable doubt". So the odds aren't even 50/50. Guilty people are far more likely to be acquitted than innocent people jailed.
//I find it incredibly concerning that it flies in the face of presumed innocence until proven otherwise.//

With cases such as this one (and many others) the police and CPS seem recently to have turned justice on its head. They assume that people such as this creature are telling the truth when anybody with half a brain could have seen that he was a liar and a fantasist and, more than that, waas almost certainly driven by the thought of large amounts of "compo" that might come his way. The Met police stated, without ny foundation whatsoever, that his allegations were "credible and true". Just how they could have arrived at that conclusion is anybody's guess and I would have thought, particularly in view of the people accused by Beech, that a few enquiries would have been made before that statement was issued. In fact, it should not have been made at all lest it jeopardised any court cases that might follow. There is a well known principle among police detectives: "A", "B", "C". Assume nothing; Believe nobody; Check everything. It seems the detectives involved in this case did not learn their alphabet.
NJ, I made exactly that point about "ABC" on here quite some time ago. It would seem to now be; Accept everything; Believe everyone; Check some time later.
18 years should mean 18 years,why give this Vermin 18 only to say he will do at least 9

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Carl Beech Jailed For 18 Years.

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