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Not looking good. But please remember he is not guilty of murder at this very moment in time.

Either way, horrific for the kids.
This piece of detrious was found and arrested cowering in his Renault van in the car park of Cheam Swimming Baths almost in our back garden.An aquaintance of mine has a grand daughter at that school and knew the mother/victim and her child.Community round here were pretty shaken.
Dam Savage should never see the light of day again. No doubt the FOCS will be along to correct the error of my ways.
Utterly horrific.
Horrendous, those poor children too.
This type of scenario seems to be getting more prevalent. What has gone wrong with people?
I am not so sure it was so prevalent when capital punishment was an option danny.
Agreed Retro, but I can't see it being brought back.
A tracking system on one of the children's phones led him to her and a work's vehicle tracking system was his own undoing.
These kind of horrific crimes are definitely increasing. Often it is where a couple have separated and then the mother and children get together with another person. Then jealousy and hatred probably consumes the former partner who then sets out and sadly commits murder. Whether this is what happened in this case we don't know yet.
Years ago there were not as many separations and divorces as there are today and crimes such as these were few and far between.
It's a sad reflection on modern day society.
More children deprived of their mother . It's heart-breaking.
//It's a sad reflection on modern day society. //

And it's not that long ago that people like David Cameron claimed that Britain wasn't broken!

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How Horrific, 4 Poor Children Now With No Mother And A Murdering Monster For A Dad.

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