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Atheist | 20:43 Wed 19th Jun 2019 | News
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Conservative party members seem to prefer Brexit to the preservation of the United Kingdom, the preservation of the Conservative party, and the economic wellbeing of this country. The only thing they seem to worry about is Mr Corbyn. Who are the 'traitors' and the 'enemies of the people'?


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steady on ZM you are in danger of praising us!
If the (very) minor constituents of the UK prefer to detach themselves from one Union in preference for another that's their affair. I have no real attachment to them. But I do want to see the UK leave the EU (properly). It should be remembered, of course, that although Scotland and Northern Ireland voted to remain in the EU their electorates form only a small part (around 10%) of the total electorate. The idea that 10% of the electorate should somehow threaten the other 90% by chucking their toys from the pram because they cannot have their way is slightly amusing.

//Conservative party members seem to prefer Brexit to the preservation of the United Kingdom, the preservation of the Conservative party, and the economic wellbeing of this country.//

They don't prefer it to the economic wellbeing of the country. They prefer it to preserve the economic wellbeing of the country. They certainly prefer it to a Corbyn government. Those concerned about a "No Deal" Brexit need not worry about Brexit at all if Mr Corbyn gets the keys to No 10 as they will have far, far more important matters to worry about.

Jumpers for goalposts.

I know where I'll be looking when the moaning starts, and it will.

"This isn't what I/we voted for, why can't the politicians do anything right, when did oranges become a luxury item, bloody Spaniards made me queue like a refugee while French and Germans just walked on through, 200 fags limit? you're havin a giraffe mate, I pay your wages"
Of course, it's not going to happen. :-)
If the party you are normally aligned with is so out of touch that they do their best to ignore a referendum then they do no deserve to exist as a party.

"...when did oranges become a luxury item,"

Interesting that you should mention oranges, douglas. A year or so ago the EU increased the import tariff on oranges from outside the EU from 3.2% to 16%. This was to "protect" the Spanish orange growers who were said to be suffering a decreasing market share. A similar move was recently made on rice imports to "protect" the miniscule number of growers of rice in the south of the continent.

Following )a proper) Brexit the UK will be able to immediately remove those tariffs (and many, many others) which are designed to protect industries in which we have little or no interest. It will no longer have to participate in the EU's protection racket.
Hunt has been labelled 'May in trousers'. He is a remainer.
Then let’s hope Hunt gets the job and calls the whole Brexit thing off.
Cloverjo, Yes .... sod democracy.... but then you need to remember that the next time it might be your vote that's ridden roughshod over.
My vote is always ridden roughshod over. I’m used to waking up the morning after an election/referendum to find my vote has disappeared into a pile of nothing.
That’s because you’re in the minority. That’s democracy.

Be careful what you wish for.
This is now going to be a postal ballot, so on which side are the adjudicators - how many letters will go astray. It stinks a bit, unless there is a foolproof system at the receiving end.
Question Author
NJ. you should read the contents of the link I posted. 61% to 29% would prefer Brexit if there was significant damage to the UK economy.

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