Muslims Gather In Birmingham To Celebrate The End Of Ramadan.

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anotheoldgit | 12:24 Wed 05th Jun 2019 | News
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/// Over 100,000 people from five different mosques gathered together for the outdoor Eid salah – the largest Eid celebration in Europe. ///

That is 20,000 from each Mosque, could that be true?


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I wonder if some of those are visitors to the mosques.
You know like when you visit another church because you are on holiday or they are celebrating a festival in a way you may prefer.
It would depend on how large an area each Mosque covers.
I hope they all enjoy the time spent with their friends and family .
Some probably attend from further afield too.

Cheery little faces and ice cream too, nice.
What a wonderful sight...all those men praying together...beautiful.
Has it got your back up Talbot? ;-)
Need to clean your glasses Talbot as I see females there!
You need glasses and your blinkered mind needs some attention.
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/// Some probably attend from further afield too. ///

Yes it is reported that they come from all parts of the world, I wonder if they get a special visa so as to come into this country?
I don't know AOG.

We have a large park here and there's been Eid festivals there for years.
Rather than celebrating the end of Ramadan, wouldn't it make more sense to just not bother doing it in the first place?

Clearly they haven't thought it through.
Why would folk need a special visa to come to the UK to celebrate Eid?
Maybe it's a Ramadama-Sing-Song?
Depends on the country they come from I suppose.

I'm certainly struggling to see women praying in there, but then we know they have segregation so it's not realy up for debate. Just the way they choose to live, men are superior.

You can bet your bottom dollar Mayor Khan would not be so accomodating with his permission if the Pink Floyd Pigs from 1976 were flown in the vicinity of London Mosques. A great insult indeed but he is happy to insult the President of the U.S. and shame the decent people of the UK as well as HMG.
Men are superior, that made me laugh.
AOG, where does it say that people have come from all parts of the world. The article says 'people across the world are celebrating'
There is a sprinkling of two or three adult women in the collection of photos. The rest are probably at home preparing the Koftas and Kebabs. The men are praying not to have food poisoning this year.
Retro, do you think all Muslims live by the rule books? i work with some Muslim men and they'd happily eat a bacon butty.

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Muslims Gather In Birmingham To Celebrate The End Of Ramadan.

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