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What Have We Learnt..

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ludwig | 10:41 Tue 28th May 2019 | News
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..from the EU election results?

Not much I'd say.
We already knew that people who voted leave are angry that it hasn't happened, and that just about everyone (except the blinkered faithful) are sick of the two main parties generally.

But can we glean anything about the country's overall attitude to Brexit 3 years on?
I don't think so. Angry Brexiteers had one place to put their protest vote, but remainers were split between all the other options.


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We glean that the public is still split between those that fear for the economy if we take control of our own decisions and so want no change, and those who realise any economic hit will be limited and then healed, and that being under the thumb of an external unelected elite is unacceptable for a nation so regaining lost sovereignty is well worth a period of economic turbulence.

With only one party concentrating on Brexit to the exclusion of other issues, it was going to attract a greater portion of leaver votes than other parties attracted remainer votes. Other parties had their message tainted by other subjects so can not claim in honesty everyone that voted for them were either remainers or leavers. However, I think that we can deduce the lack of progess by parliament is destroying any public sympathy and confidence for the lot in Westminster though.
the divided parliament just reflects a divided nation, so MPs are pretty representative.
Oh do stop pretending that only Brexit supporters are the enlightened ones.
//What Have We Learnt..//

Easy. "He who laughs last ,laughs longest" ..........Again.
What do you reckon Spath?
// What Have We Learnt //

We have learnt that the old trick of re-naming a toxic brand still works. UKIP were discredited, descended into acrimony, and were on course to be wiped out.

In March, Farage launches The Brexit Party, 14 Ukip MEPs jump ship and join his crew, and this brand new (old) party wipe the floor with every one.
A lot of the stupid people who voted for Ukip actually thought they were voting for Nigel Farage, according to,,,,,,,Nigel Farage.

It was confirmed, if confirmation were needed, the aBBC are literally mentally ill.
New Labour pulled off the same trick of re-branding to get elected.
What’s the aBBC? Another special Answerbank acronym?

And you go on (Spicerack) to say that the aBBC is ‘literally’ mentally ill. Suffering from what (literal) mental illness, Spicerack?

Or is it some sort of literal illness, relating to some literary failing?

Do tell.
Reinforces that old aphorism:

"Fools rush in where angels fear to tread."

A referendum on UK's membership of the EU should never have occured.
i think mr Corbyn has learned if you stand in the middle of the road, you get run over from both directions. but who does he listen to now? his remainer parliamentary party who want a 2nd referendum, or his Leaver powerbase who know that a lot of labour's socialist proposals can't be enacted within the EU?
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... or the overwhelming majority of the members who also voted for him but defected to the Lib Dems and Greens in droves.
Labour’s claim to be sitting in the fence in order to bring people together is either naive or dishonest: it was done because they didn’t want to lose votes: a tactic that has proved as successful as Cameron’s reason for holding a referendum.
aBBC = Anti-British Broadcasting Corporation

Like any community or occupation, AB has its own jargon and slang.
It’s slightly better than the tired old cockernee rhyming stuff that occasionally gets posted.
Not Answer Bank Brexit Club, then?
We haven't really learned anything from the EU election results as turnout was around 40% which is a very unsound basis from which to extrapolate any conclusions from. Doesn't stop people trying tho!
Some people have shall we say a very narrow idea of what it means to be British so a lot of things are consequently branded as unclean.
And some people, when pressed, dodge the question of what being British is (cos it doesnt fit with their 'ideology')
We surely have learned. Ok the turn out was low but unless the people who voted were some sort of freakish minority then you can still extrapolate.
There the unreliability occurs is in the fact they people use the European elections here or at least in England and Wales largely as a protest vote, so in that sense it’s probably more extreme. But it still reflects a mood.
Also of course the voting system:
The latest poll of polls has Labour winning 300 seats on 29% of the vote and the Brexit Party 0 seats on 17%.
I use those figures as an illustration only.
Oh dear, we have a remoaner love in here dont we!

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