With The Terrible European Results Coming In For Labour I Wonder If Jeremy Corbyn Is Enjoying His Birthday

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gollob | 23:20 Sun 26th May 2019 | News
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Surely his time will be up soon


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I would have thought that the most avid Remainer who'd observed the Junckers, Tusks and Verhofstadts etc. over the last two years - and who had just an embryonic sense of self-respect - would have their gorges rise at the blatant contempt of the Commisariat.
Doesn't polarising mean splitting apart?
(Misrepresented Jim's position: because Brexit is wrong we ignore, rather than down-weight - ugly market research term - all votes in favour of it.)
Still misrepresenting my position, but I'm off to bed now anyway.
Not much interest in this election here. The results started minutes after 10pm. Quite extraordinary,
I thought there'd be thousands of comments to catch up on.
Delighted that Daniel Hannan has retained his seat in the South East.
Voted for UKIP myslef. Sad, the much and falsely vilified Gerard Batten, but tactically inept, lost in London.
I hope he doesn't pack it in. Honest politician. I voted Ukip too.
Interesting that focus on Labour coming third (as was widely predicted, and not on the Conservatives being beaten by the Green Party.
UKIP got a grand total of 0. They have disappeared.
Re UKIP: "They have disappeared".

Yes, and now Batten has lost his seat he'll go and the party will fold. I think that's a good thing, though I feel sorry for Batten whom I voted for.

Farage was a one trick pony; Batten was a two trick pony. But trick two hasn't been recognised yet despite some glaring hints.

The big issues of our time are firstly Brexit (that's for us Brits), i.e. regaining political autonomy from the dirigistes,. And, secondly, the demographic issue of decining birth rates of native Europeans in contrast to the birth rates of its recently imported third world cultures and the demanding nature of this largely parasitic import.

That's a problem for all native Europeans. Assuming, of course, that you think European culture has speciic qualities which should be admired and preserved.
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To be expected when the party of the people opts to try to prevent the will of the people.
I know it’s crude and possibly not a reflection of a referendum, but the combined votes of Brexit Party and UKIP and a really comfortable outstripped by those for the Lib Dem, Greens, Change UK, PC and SNP. And that’s with some votes in Scotland not declared.
And Wales appears to have gone “Remain”
All very undemocratic :-)
It is now clear that there is only one credible party in Scotland and that is the SNP. With a record result, the voters have said, in no uncertain terms, that they want to remain in the EU. Nicola took a gamble and it has paid off. Can we please now have our independence referendum? That would be the icing on the cake.
An independence referendum (once in a generation) would take the shine off of their results.

Maggie.....I thought you had one a few years back...or is the best of 3 tactic catching?
Funny that Ryzen, I thought there was a vote to leave the EU about 3 years ago. What happened? How many times did TM ask the house to vote on what was obviously a non starter? Total shambles - I would rather Scotland took the opportunity cut loose from Westminster ASAP.
Nicola took a gamble and it has paid off.

What gamble was that then?
But when the UK leaves the EU, Scotland will.Do you think the EU will want Scotland?

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With The Terrible European Results Coming In For Labour I Wonder If Jeremy Corbyn Is Enjoying His Birthday

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