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Yep, fine. However, i think people should have the right to cover their face.
Recent comments here.

This is an interesting watch.
Actually it will be an argument for no covered faces!

The problem with this, as with other technology is where do you stop. Is refusing to give a bit of bog roll in a public convenience too far for instance or how about now dole unless it recognises it?

It will come without doubt, but it is yet more control over our lives.
I think the most worrying thing is not the recognition technology or the fact the police use it, but the fact that they keep records of people in their database that have never been charged with any crime, let alone charged and acquitted.
Well there is certainly a load of 'Arrest Material' here right from the start. I will be interested to see how many ANTIFA activists get nicked at the next Yaxley-Lennon rally?

I think Ludders has a point, like DNA it's only any good if they have DB of everyone's boat. So are they actually proposing that we are all put on file? It's a bit big brother. Cue the "nothing to hide nothing to fear" mob.
How does this work?
So they have photos of criminals already, but can they also trawl anywhere on the net for potential matches? Like Facebook and all the other places where people post photos and goodness knows what other private stuff.
Hopefully it's not operated by Constable Savage and friends.
Nowt wrong with Constable Savage. A little keen maybe.
tricky one, isn't it. Nobody would object to DNA would they, except criminals perhaps.
I don't think the police are allowed to keep people's DNA unless they are convicted. I presume 'mug shots' are the same.
Is there an exception for masked Mohammedans?
The police keep all details stored AFAIK including DNA from investigators and forensics so they can ‘rule out’ people.

If the police have ur dna, they can rule u out of a crims
Useful tool for both law enforcement and citizen control by oppressive government. Should be highly regulated to ensure freedom of the people from such control.

It is to aid law enforcement OG, if you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to worry about.
//How does this work? //

I think they scan a picture of who they are looking for and then if the people walk past a camera ,it recognises them and will let police know. Or something similar

Anyone who objects to FR is not on our side.
It may be the thin end of a very thick wedge, but, personally I don’t give a fig. This country has failed. Or, rather, the people have failed this country.
I'm sure I read that the the good people of San Francisco have told the forces of prying exactly where to put their cameras.

They're having none of it.

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