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At least they are now investigating all these gangs. Hopefully they will get the message they can no longer operate with impunity as in the PC past.
12:34 Wed 08th May 2019
//Suspects aged between 29 and 53 from Sheffield, Rotherham, Leeds, Dewsbury and Maidstone in Kent have been arrested or interviewed by appointment .

Zacs-Master They’d be a bit daft investigation crimes in Rotherham in Shrewsbury wouldn’t they? //

well zacko they were investigating in Maidston so perhaps not daft .....

I am not helping am, I ?
Where is Gromit when we need him, I am sure he will only be too willing to carry out a little research, so as to find that Child Grooming is much worse in some other countries?
Forget it, i'm going to stop posting question/discussions and stick to answers.

Good man.
They are only investigating the ones they get to know about. I'll bet there are lots of other grooming gangs that we never get to hear about.
link reports about 2000 girls groomed, drugged, (gang) raped, lives ruined, families in despair and resulting babies suffering.

Forget TR milkshake vengeance - castration & deportation for groomers.
"...people being so hung up on a word that isn't even critical to the discussion." Then why are you adamantly insisting that it is?

21 to 26 of 26rss feed

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40 Arrested In Rotherham

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