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nailit | 23:09 Sat 20th Apr 2019 | News
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From the 15th of July the UK will implement the Digital Economy Bill which will ask users of porn sites for age verification...which is set at 18.

All well and good if it protects children. But does it?
How come that people can get married and have lawful sexual relations at 16 years of age but a 17 yr old who wants a bit of masturbation material cant access such sites?
Not meaning to be contentious here but 17 year old single males are as much sexual beings as 16 yr old married couples.
For what its worth, I had my first sexual encounter at 15 and was viewing porn a long time before that. (and no, it didn't demean women in my experience)

Why this discrepancy that 16 year olds can enjoy a sexual relationship (and in which ever way they wish) but cant view others doing the same until they are 18?

UK age of consent between 2 adults, 16 years.
Age to use masturbation aids, 18 years.


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It may well turn out to be a somewhat toothless exercise - who knows.
There was an interesting series on recently and it was largely driven by the content of what young people wee watching - you were fortunate not to see anything demeaning.

I only watched some of it.
As passports, driving licences or credit cards will be needed for age verification I agree why not make it 16. On a wider note I can see millions of casual watchers not bothering to view at all. I wouldn't dream of giving those details to watch the odd bit.
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Mamy, the majority of porn is acting. The *stars* get paid well for their acting abilities etc. But that's not what this thread is about. Im aware that it has its dark side.

Im more concerned about a nanny 'big brother' state that seeks to collect our details about our viewing/downloading habits
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//On a wider note I can see millions of casual watchers not bothering to view at all//
I think that it might be like prohibition in America. Make something illegal and everyone will want it....
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A bit counter productive.
I know what it is Nailit, I was simply entering into a conversation.
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''I know what it is Nailit, I was simply entering into a conversation.''
And you may well be right Mamy,
Just trying to get a few answers/opinions.
Fine as long as you don't shoot them down as they arrive.

Porn doesn't exist as we all know in oe neat package and much of it can be harmful to formative minds - does that mean all porn should be banned. In my mind, no.

We as adults educating our children to know the difference is key, but that often doesn't happen through sheer embarrassment for some.
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Mamy, like anything else, porn can be helpful or harmful. (others will disagree with me no doubt) but I just DONT get the discrepancy between two 16 yr olds been allowed (in law) to have sexual relations...however they desire...and a 17old single been denied a sexual fantasy on a porn site.
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See what others say anyway.....
Certainly - you've done a few threads on age discrepancy. See how it goes.

It's a tough one.
Used to work alongside him.
Some things should be private, and voyeuurism is wrong.
It's an utter nonsense, an attempt to be seen to be doing something when, apart from creating inconvenience, trying spy on adult's private business, and encouraging people to take risks; does nothing worth referring to. If they want to protect children they should try teaching the parents that parenting is a job they should be doing.
Starts on St Swithin's Day. So it will only last forty days and forty nights ;-)
// It may well turn out to be a somewhat toothless exercise ... //

Well, only if that's your fetish I guess.
We had healthy lives without porn. Why not now?
Because I'm not actually sure that's ever really been true...
Behave Jim boy ;-)

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