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You must have a different definition of 'interesting' to mine own.
Question Author
^^ That's for sure!
not really interesting with a capital I
It's time to think outside the box There are only 22 countries that Britain hasn't invaded over the years. The provocative drunkard Jean Claude Juncker is from Luxembourg, which is definitely on our ''To Do'' list.
So. We go through France just for old times'sake, accepting their traditional immediate surrender. The we invade Belgium and annex Luxembourg. Tick. Concurrently we take control of the EU and expel the other 27 countries, obviously retaining all trade and treaty agreements. They can then apply to rejoin the EU individually, but only if they can afford to pay their fair share. Because we aren't bloody socialists. Sorted. Right, lets go down the pub.

Not written by me, although I think it's a good idea ;-)
Well that’s really got a dull Friday night going :-)

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Letwin's Eurosceptic Pamphlet (1999)

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