Christchurch Mosque Shootings: Forty Dead After New Zealand Attacks

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steg | 07:49 Fri 15th Mar 2019 | News
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//Forty people have been killed and more than 20 seriously wounded in shootings at two mosques in Christchurch.

New Zealand's Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern described the incidents as a terrorist attack//

//Australia's Prime Minister Scott Morrison said one of those arrested was an Australian citizen.

He described the suspected attacker as an "extremist right-wing violent terrorist".//


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Lets cvall them what they are: Mass murdering savages.

NZ should fetch the rope.
Ozzie's never invaded anyone ?

Well , probably a forced invasion on the part of the ,'invaders ' ?

Got it on DVD . Thanks
Grumpy, I would be most interested to read your evidence that the murderers of Lee Rigby were “drug fuelled” at the time.
An atrocious, horrific attack. So many lost, so many families shattered. Appalling.
Last words of the first victim reported to have been: "Hello, brother." While a gun was pointed at him.
Jim (sorry not sure why i'm directing this at you) apparently there was video footage taken by the gun man.. However i couldn't bring myself to watch it not sure how others have to be honest. Barbaric

Youtube have been told off for hosting the video and facebook has tried to block it appearing
Wow...blaming it on drugs. It's hatred...
// Ozzie's never invaded anyone ?
Well , probably a forced invasion on the part of the ,'invaders ' ?//

that is what they say - but it is a form of words innit?
like the Fransh cannot forgive the Americans for liberating them 1944,
and insist the invasion of Normandy ( since the French cant invade themselves and anyway invited the Yanks, well some did)
was the "debarquements de Normandie"
Normandy Landings...

anyway - droogz - isnt it the muslims who are portrayed as hashish fuelled dope fiends ? it is a topsy turvy world .... down under
al jazeera - mainly paid for by the Qatari govt
has some predictably graphic footage - [no not from the head cam]
Firstly thanks Agchristie for the attachment.Secondly I said that it was likely they had been using drugs which unbalanced them mentally and exacerbated their racial hatred.
mean more christians being bombed or killed in egypt
and elsewhere, funny no heavy coverage when it occurs..almost a side note..oh here we go again, was it not india not long ago ie hindus. tragic as it is, on all sides, bloodletting in the name of err what, god or invaders? this will only fuel islamic hatred toward non muslims, but wait a minute, that already existed to the hard core islamists..this incident will bring a tit for tat.
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^ sorry- this new browser I'm using doesn't seem too good. Has a mind of its own

But the suggestion that cannabis is to blame for this massacre demonstrates a level of ignorance that simply boggles the mind.
I can only assume two reasons for your totally nonsensical "hypothesis" regarding this atrocity:

1) You believe that you are or were personally affected by a person or people close to you that use/used cannabis.


2) You are being a troll.

Cannabis is a drug that is unlikely to make people violent, quite the reverse normally. Especially to the point of going on a pre-meditated, carefully worked out killing spree with a Subaru estate, several automatic rifles, a bootload of magazines, a head-mounted Go-Pro and a pre-programmed satnav.
On balance I'd say 'troll'.
Even Anders Brevik who he had taken inspiration from had taken a concoction of stimulants before he went on his killing spree.I repeat that I said it was LIKELY he had smoked cannabis or possibly it was some other stimulant that exacerbated his hatred.I maybe proved wrong but we will wait and see what comes out

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Christchurch Mosque Shootings: Forty Dead After New Zealand Attacks

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