Why Would No Deal Mean A "very Hard Border" In Ireland?

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ToraToraTora | 12:48 Mon 11th Feb 2019 | News
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St Tony exclaims but does not explain why. Surely if neither NI, ROI or UK want it then it won't happen. Is Junkett and co going to send a team of Brickies to the ROI or something?


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I refer you to the 500 times you've already got an answer to this question.
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....and no actual answer is ever forthcomming just a load of false assumptions. How is a border going to get built when no one wants to build it?
Brilliant Politican Tony Blair . Wish he was in charge now , instead of this Wooden Top Tory Party.
Because what people "want", and what people are legally obliged to do, are two very different things. No Deal means no matching of Customs Regs, means border controls. Both sides can say they want to avoid this but reality will confront a No Deal scenario soon enough.
That says it all, Gulliver.
//Brilliant Politican Tony Blair .//

Because there's never been a mismatch between the UK's status in Europe and that of Ireland before. If one is in and one isn't, then there will ultimately need to be a customs regime of some form or another, even if the UK insists it won't enforce it's 'side'. However much the two governments blowhard about not wanting one, there will ultimately have to be one if the UK leaves with no deal. The UK-Irish border will become an external border of the EU - and unlike the ones with Norway or Switzerland will not be mitigated by single market membership.
Just typical of Tony Blare.
A hard border does not mean building a wall, it means customs posts - immigration checks too possibly.

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so lets do a Norway, simples! The tech is already there.
The UK, the ROI and the EU ( (I added that for good measure) don’t want a recession, the plague, nuclear war or piles but ...

//so lets do a Norway, simples!//

This would save everyone a good deal of bother and be a far more sensible way of doing all this, but the European Research Group and DUP would never allow this because it would mean membership of the EEA. It also violates Mrs May's original 'red lines' so it was ruled out very early in the negotiations. Ho hum.
You'd be happy with still being subject to EU laws without having a say in them, being a part of the Schengen Area, and still contributing to the EU Budget then, TTT?
Question Author
where is that said or implied jim? As usual remainers are just making simple issues complex. We adapt the Norway model to control the border with tech, end of.
He's describing the Norway model, 3T.
All of those things come with the Norway model. It's based on being a member of the EEA. That means accepting EU law (not all of it, but still a substantial proportion), contributing to the EU budget, and additionally being a part of Schengen.

So it's implied by "doing a Norway". You should stop making suggestions for what to do when you evidently don't understand what your own ideas imply.
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I'm talking about adopting the tech approach not an exact emulation of Norway. Obviously we'd have to make it fit our needs.
What tech approach?
The "tech approach" of the Norway-Sweden border is suited to the relationship between those two countries (or Norway and the EU generally). It's generally accepted, not least by Norway, that the solution there cannot be applied to the Ireland/UK border without also matching the full nature of the Norway model.

I'm a firm supporter of the principle that "Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler." I suggest that you are ignoring the second part of this quote.

Our current relationship with the EU is complicated already, and any change to it will have to address those complications, rather than trying to sweep them aside and ignore them. It's this sort of simplistic world-view that led to this mess, with some naive idea that one could make the decision and the details would just sort themselves out. What a nonsense that has turned out to be.

I would therefore suggest that you give more respect to the complications. Can I also suggest that you should try to understand your own arguments first, before dismissing anybody else's.
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....various automatic systems, plate recognition etc.....

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