Will This Alert People To The Trots Real Motivation?

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youngmafbog | 15:24 Sun 10th Feb 2019 | News
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A New book out on COB. Can't really see much new in it but in such concentration is quite damning.

Will people sit up and realize how dangerous this man is?


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A no-holds barred account of the type of man he his.
A leopard never changes its spots.

They can pretend and act the part you want to see but they are true to their beliefs to the bitter end.
The thing is, I know diehard Labour supporters who will NOT vote for him in a general election, I myself, as a Labour supporter, will never vote for him, so I doubt this book will change much except hopefully add a few more to the list !
Much as I would like to, I also cannot vote for Corbyn. It is extremely depressing and frustrating to have such an ineffective opposition when it is sorely needed.
Much as I would like to, I also cannot vote for Corbyn.


'Oh Jeremy Corbyn'! What happened to all that wonderful euphoria?
not much in the book that wasn't already out there - except maybe that he was somewhat incompetent in the domestic field, and he was in debt to the tune of loads mainly because he funded his constituency office out of his own pocket; neither of which would be particularly heinous. the fact remains that he's not the tories, and that maybe all he needs to be sure of being elected.
It evaporated Naomi.
“Corbyn’s ruthless plot?”
He couldn’t plot his way to the toilet.
He’s only leader of the Labour Party because his enemies felt sorry for him. If there’s a “plot” it’s not Corbyn’s ...
He’s only leader of the Labour Party because no one else wants to head an anachronistic party who’s aims were achieved 30 years ago.
The worrying thing I think is that you have two main parties whose leaders are hopelessly out of step with their parliamentary parties, who seem in open contempt of them. Each in different ways being strangled by extreme elements and with a shambolic Brexit negotiation leaving people very disillusioned with the political process: not just the usual suspects but the people in the centre also.
As I’ve said before the Tories ate hopelessly out of step with the up and coming generation of voters : the only thing saving them is that Labour seem little better, largely because of Corbyn and his handlers.
But they know a thing or two about election campaigning.
Meanwhile our country is in the hands of the Graylings of this world: even before we get to Brexit. I’m bound to wonder how labour could be any worse, even under Corbyn. They seem to have more competent people below him
Frightening, ain’t it.
//They seem to have more competent people below him //

er, what definition of "competent" might describe Diane Abbott?
I did not mention Diane Abbott
I agree with a few others on here , I could not bring myself to vote for Corbyn , it scares me to think he could be Prime Minister.
The real Project Fear.
My quiz team colleague works for the local Labour Party and he is on the verge of handing in his membership card, he is that anti Corbyn.

What I do find frightening is that it appears so many younger people inexplicably find some resonance with the idealistic, terrorist sympathiser and his views.
There is a lot of OTT scaremongering when it comes to Corbyn, but there is a lot that's unsavoury too. His incompetence and poor grasp of political strategy, the antisemitism problem, and his promotion of various undesirables like Seamus Milne (I don't actually include Abbot in this as her main flaw seems to be performing badly in interviews). There is some talent on the Labour front bench (like Kier Starmer) but unfortunately not enough.

I will read the book mentioned in the OP when it is available for a reasonable price on Kindle. It's currently £12 which is frankly ridiculous.
Question Author
"The real Project Fear."

Why? With the incompetence coming out of the Tory Party a Communist led Labour Party is only too real.

"There is a lot of OTT scaremongering when it comes to Corbyn"

Which bits are OTT and which bits are real Krom? Not trying to trip you up here, it's a genuine question.
Most of it is already known but it's good that someone has put it all together in a book. Astonishingly many will still vote Labour regardless.

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