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Ken4155 | 23:33 Fri 11th Jan 2019 | News
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Surprised none of our northern ABers haven't already posted this. Diane Oxberry, BBC North West Tonight weather girl and presenter of several northern based programmes on the beeb, has died aged 51, of cancer after a short period of illness. She leaves behind a husband and two sons. RIP Diane.


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I didn't know her but RIP Diane.
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Hi Ken, I found out yesterday morning at around 5.30am when I picked up a first edition of the MEN. Very sad and so sudden.
A great weather forecaster, if she didn't agree with the computer she said so, I watched her every night. RIP Diane
What did she die off, it was very quick?
Cancer john.
How did she appear so well pre Christmas on that charity walk, it must have been well advanced then? be on a charity walk 5 weeks before death and die in the Christie Hospital which is a cancer hospital, my bet would be that it was Acute Myeloid Leukaemia.
I have heard of her, but wasn't all that familiar with her, but for some reason when I heard this on the radio news, I cried.
RIP Diane, always a cheery smile.
Update...I've just read on the BBC website that Diane had ovarian cancer.

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Diane Oxberry

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