Germany Teetering On Recession

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lindapalmara | 20:52 Fri 11th Jan 2019 | News
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I have had the feeling that the EU will disappear slowly and it won't be Brexit that caused it. The Eurozone is in trouble.


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"I have had the feeling that the EU will disappear slowly..." One can but hope, Linda, one can but hope.
21:04 Fri 11th Jan 2019
"I have had the feeling that the EU will disappear slowly..."

One can but hope, Linda, one can but hope.
All things must pass.

Except a Lada of course. :-)
Germany is not in trouble , The EU is not in trouble, IT is the UK that is in trouble and there is more to come for the UK.
I have a feeling that Gibraltar will soon take over Spain. I have a feeling that Russia will soon ask the UK to save it from collapse. I have a feeling that the UK will ......
stop it i'm welling up here!
Nice post KARL
The EU ain’t going anywhere soon. Despite what the inhabitants of the Dog & Duck taproom may wish (or speculate ‘pon).
Daily Mail. You’re joking right?

He is joking, isn’t he?
He isn't. He genuinely believes it.
£350m a week, you'll remember!
For Funks Sake don’t start on that again. ;-)
But, yes, I get your point.
Will you believe it if The Guardian says it?
There are some who only want to see the UK in trouble and to blame Brexit for that.

I have a feeling that if Anglea Merkle were to stand up and say German car manufacturing was slowing down and they had to bail it out or that the slow down would cause a recession in Germany they still wouldn’t believe it and say they didn’t trust the sauce because it was a publication they tend not to agree with.

But I have a feeling that if German car manufacturing go whatsit up it will be blamed on Brexit somehow and not because they cheated on the omissions tests or haven’t kept up with electric or hybrid technology.

Yes, never trust the sauce unless you’ve seen the chef make it.

Currently any downturn in German car manufacturing cannot be associated with Brexit (unless the Germans) have decided to slow production because they believe we’re heading for a no deal...but I doubt it). A no deal would definitely affect it.
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I joined this Forum in 2010 and for a while I enjoyed the interaction. Since then I feel that the News section has been taken over by a small clique of people who use their own group to attack anyone who doesn't agree. I stopped using it other than for puzzles. A few years ago someone seriously suggested that AB ban any mention of the Daily Mail and some were in favour of this. Never heard about free speech? I was horrified.

I will read anything New Judge writes and although we were at opposite ends of political belief, I respected Mikey, Rest his soul. He was a gent.

The DM were involved in starting AB and is a very pioneering newspaper. Recently they campaigned for people to volunteer to help the NHS and have thousands respond. They now have put a reward out to catch the low life who killed his girlfriend on a speedboat then went on the run and his dodgy lawyer has got him a large chunk of Legal aid whilst he is on the run.
I’m not part of any ‘group’ on here. Criticism can easily be seen as an ‘attack’.
Jaguar Land Rover are also in deep trouble, not just the German car industry.

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Germany Teetering On Recession

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