Merry Xmas

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bentaxle | 19:31 Tue 01st Jan 2019 | News
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Can you believe people like this are on our streets ,it makes you feel proud of our country


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Bad situation, argument fuelled by excess alcohol, results in no self control.
Humans have a long long way to go before they're adequate beings.
I don’t think we’re going to make it O-G.
A good upbringing will always out......his parents are probably proud...or don't care ....or have taught him this behaviour
Gosh, that's sweeping Mallyj - you believe all wrongdoers have parents who don't care and are proud, really?

There will always be thugs,rogues and villains as long as mankind walks this earth.

Despicable act.
Unfortunately there is a definite proliferation of low life scum suckers amongst us. The breeding of the unemployable,uneducated, enabled has swollen considerably to a second and third generation. Oh, the humanity....
I agree with Mally ..

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Merry Xmas

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