Should These Police Officers Be Sacked?

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Gromit | 08:07 Tue 12th Jun 2018 | News
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A video of a brutal arrest by our Nazi Police force has emerged.
It was taken at a Peaceful riot on Saturday in London.
The man is reduced to tears by the excessive force being used.
His mate gallantly comes to his aid but is unable to stop fiming.

Warning: Distressing scenes.


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no..he's a drama queen...the police officers were only doing their job.. that particular demonstration got very very nasty and quite violent on the part of the demonstrators... Tommy Robinson deserves to be were he is.
Having watched the video I did not see any evidence of excessive force.I think there is more to this than has been shown.
Is there such a thing as ‘peaceful riot’. Riot is by definition uncontrolled and not peaceful.

However, what a baby. From that clip there didn’t appear to be any over handed ness from the police and the man was just shout he was being abused to get attention and deflect from the cart he was being arrested.
For goodness sake. Auto correct is a swine sometimes.
The guy is a pratt just playing to the camera that he can see filming him. I assume you are being sarcastic?
Gromit..think you are being a bit of a drama queen too ...a riot is not the same as a demonstration..rioting on the streets is illegal and needs to be dealt with... it was in no way a brutal arrest either... it was very far from a peaceful demonstration...
Your use of the term Nazi Police is totally unwarranted.
Danny..I hope he's being sarcastic...
What on earth was that policeman doing fiddling around, presumably with the handcuffs, for all that time? With people strolling nonchalantly by it didn’t look like much of a riot to me. It appears he was handcuffed for carrying a banner, but this looks at best only half a story.
What are you on about?

There was hardly any force whatsoever.

If you are trying to be sarcastic then your wording is not very good.
Oh dear, Gromit......
Your irony seems to be lost on some contributors this morning. :o)

He's another one who is only brave whilst being surrounded by like-minded idiots.
there are other vids on youtube Naomi..the demo got way out of hand and resulted in several charges on both sides.. police retreated at one point it got so violent
murraymints, there are also pictures of the calmer factions, but for obvious reasons they don’t induce anti-right hysteria so are less prominent.
For irony it is not worded very well and Gromit does take some very odd views sometimes so it can be very difficult to tel JTH.

Perhaps he should write (TIC) when putting up such posts to clarify?
and the Oscar for best actor goes to ......
indeed Naomi..but these things need to be dealt with lest Anarchy on the streets becomes an acceptable norm...
what young said ^
murraymints, if they were dealt with equally, fine ….. but they’re not. ‘Right’ is wrong before it sets foot on pavement.
perhaps..but as soon as demo turns to riot..then....
I couldn't see any sign of a riot in that video. As far as I can tell he was nabbed for carrying a banner.

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Should These Police Officers Be Sacked?

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