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Labour’S 'politburo Politics'

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naomi24 | 09:07 Wed 02nd May 2018 | News
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//Labour chiefs were today accused of “Politburo Politics” after it emerged that a group dominated by Left-wingers will propose who should lead a flagship council — after voters have gone to the polls.

Haringey residents will cast their votes in Thursday’s election without knowing who Labour will choose to be their next leader. //

This sends a chill down my spine. Do Labour voters ever think about what they’re really voting for?


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Question Author
jno, What do you mean?
I don't doubt for a second that there are plenty of Tory voters that come to an honest and measured decision to vote that way -- and, while I'm at it, I can sort of see what ymb meant in his criticism -- but still, the phenomenon of always voting for one party, regardless of its representative, isn't confined to die-hard Labour voters.
I mean that there are plenty of donkeys with blue rosettes standing for election, always have been, and always will get votes. The same is true of red rosettes.
Question Author
jno, whether you’ve missed the point or elected to avoid it is anyone’s guess.
In my experience staunch Conservative voters vote Conservative simply because they’re not the Labour Party.
I think that the current Conservative Party is driving people back to the arms of Labour.

That certainly seemed to be what happened at the last General Election. Labour should’ve been smashed to pieces. The fact that it wasn’t surprised everyone.

Even now, in the midst of the antisemitism row Labour and Conservatives are neck and neck.

I have feeling that Brexit and May might be the undoing of the Conservatives, and that would be a shame as I think Corbyn would be a complete disaster as a PM. Like Michael Foot v2.0.
It doesn't really bother me what Labour gets up to. They always ultimately self destruct with bullying and infighting.

Having them win an election now and again is the price that must be paid to remind everyone how useless they are, so we can be rid of them until a new generation of voters comes along, and the cycle repeats.
I don't get the politburo reference. In the USSR everyone knew who the leader was. In any event it hardly matters at local level unless there has been a coup d'état. Remember Derek Hatton in Liverpool?

In any case, in what way is Haringey a 'flagship' council?
I've spent so long on the internet I expected JD's post to end with a brilliant punchline after all that white space. I am disappoint.
Error on my part. I must have inadvertently hit a key which caused it to scroll to the bottom of the page.
Bathos, innit?

Whimper rather than a bang.

"Here thou, great Anna ! who three realms obey, Dost sometimes counsel take and sometimes tea".

Peter Pedant

Gird your loins, you’ve got competition.
The peoples republic of Haringay, a flagship council, made me laugh anyway JD!
Like Naomi, it sends a chill down my spine - there is an obvious power-grab going on and moderates will have no say. I accept that people didn't vote for May, but that was the unravelling of circumstances ('Events, dear boy, events') whereas this is deliberate obfuscation in advance to mislead voters - at least that is how I read it - into voting traditionally. If I'm wrong, I apologise, it's late.

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Labour’S 'politburo Politics'

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