Why Are The Police Failing To Sort These Vegan Nutters Out?

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youngmafbog | 13:57 Fri 02nd Feb 2018 | News
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Before anyone gets hot under the collar we are talking the nasty activists that think it is OK to threaten to kill someone not your average vegan.

Surely threatening to kill someone, especially repeatedly, is surely a serious offence, so why dont Plod round them up and prosecute them?

Having said that, it has back fired on these idiots as the farmers sales and rating have shot up. Had to laugh :-)


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That has to be a question asked of Suffolk Police in this particular case.

Idiots who make death threats don't necessarily represent the views of vegans, they are just warped.
warped ideology, that only explain the actions of these people.
Nasty litle uckfers, don't they know veganuary is over, it's Carnebruary now!
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No they dont Mammy, that is why I was careful in the OP!

And it certainly is a question to be asked of Police.
There will always be some who see any chance they can to cause grief to someone else - sad empty lives.
they are essentially the same as ISIS.
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the same as ISIS

yeah, these public executions in the village square are getting a bit out of hand
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Why Are The Police Failing To Sort These Vegan Nutters Out?

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